How Much Calories Are There In Metamucil

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Recently one of the reader asked a question. How many calories are there is Metamucil? Another reader asked another interesting question.  Since Fibers can be included in the category of Carbohydrates will it not lead to wait gain or the same issues such as blood pressure elevation which it is supposed to solve.

You might be aware of the fact that out of the three macro-nutrients protein, Carbohydrates and Fat, Carbs are the ones which raise the blood sugar fast and responsible for weight gain in most people.  In light of this fact, this is a genuine question which I will try to answer.

If you see the picture of one of the Metamucil packets here you would see that one serving contains 16 grams of carbohydrates. (By the way, I took this picture at our nearest Walmart on my I-Phone).  You can also see that it contain around 6 grams of sugar. Total calories are 100.

The reason for this is Wafers and some powdered forms contain sugar for taste.  Ideally you should avoid the version which contains sugar. Sugar is added mainly for taste.  Try to opt for Sugar free version.

Sugar Free Metamucil

As per the Metamucil website the following products do not contain sugar or artificial sweeteners

Metamucil CaloriesSugar Free Orange Smooth Powder, Sugar Free Berry Smooth Powder, Sugar Free Pink Lemonade Smooth Powder (all with aspartame), and Original Smooth Powder (with no sweeteners).

Metamucil Capsules and Capsules Plus Calcium do not contain any sugar, sweeteners, or artificial sweeteners.

One more thing – You may see some calories are also present in the sugar free version.  This is due to the calories in the fiber itself.  Remember that these calories are not effective in the sense body spends more energy in processing the fiber and on top of that this fiber is not absorbed by our body.  Metamucil contains mainly insoluble fiber which has many health benefits.

So try to go for Sugar free versions and you would get negligible calories from it and be able to enjoy the benefits.

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