How Much Fiber Is Present In Metamucil?

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For those of you who are considering to take Metamucil, one possible question which could strike your mind is how much fiber is present in Metamucil. The question can be answered in two ways. One of the ways to answer this is to answer it in percentage in a particular product and another way is to answer in its weight, i.e. how much amount is present.

Fiber In MetamucilIn terms of percentage Metamucil contains more than 90 percent fiber.  The other 10 percent may be the flavor or the capsule cover.

In terms of weight – the powder contains almost everything in psyllium husk powder.   Here are some other numbers for metamucil –

Metamucil Capsules – Each capsule is around .5 grams.  Usually for cholesterol it is recommended to take between 2 and 6 capsule three times a day for adults.

Metamucil Wafers – Metamucil Fiber supplement Wafer in Cinnamon flavor contains around 6 grams of psyllium.  But remember that some other ingredients such as wheat is also added to make the wafer.  Same would be the case with wafer of other flavor such as Apple flavor.

In the other products which are primarily in powder form most of the weight consists of Psyllium husk and the remaining portion as flavor.

Remember that as per the doctors most adults need 25 grams of fiber per day when under 50 years and around 21 grams when over 50 years of age.

I hope you have got the information you needed about the amount of fiber in Metamucil.

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