How Safe Is Citrucel For Weight Loss

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Citrucel is one of the laxatives which is used by many people for constipation relief and IBS relief.  However many people also try to use Citrucel for weight loss which may not be a very wise idea.  National Eating Disorder Association says that trying to use Citrucel for weight loss can cause more problem than it can solve.

Main Use of Citrucel

Citrucel is mainly used for constipation relief.  It is a bulk forming laxative.  It can attract and absorb water which makes the stool soft.  Then the stool can easily pass through the intestines.  Since Citrucel is not a habit forming laxative, it can be used regularly for getting rid of constipation and keeping a healthy bowel.

Why Laxatives Should Not Be Used For Weight Loss

It is usually wrongly believed that laxatives can be used for weight loss purpose also.  Many people who suffer from chronic constipation, experience little bit weight reduction after getting their bowel cleared using laxatives.  This leads them to believe that laxatives are good for weight loss.  They think that food calories from carbohydrates and fats will not be absorbed into the body as they will rush out of the body.  This thinking is wrong since laxatives work in the lower intestines which is the large intestines.  By the time food reaches here the nutrition has already been absorbed.

Any weight loss which is observed is primarily a result of water loss and not excess fat loss.  For fat loss you need to follow proper diet which contains good amount of fiber and protein and other nutrition and also follow proper exercise plans.

Risks Associated With Citricel

Citrucel contains methylcellulose.  It is one of the milder laxatives and usually it is not hard on you.  However there are some side effects associated such as bloating, cramping  and diarrhea.  In some rare cases some people may also face issues such as stomach pain and vomiting.

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