How Soluble Fiber Makes You Healthier

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Soluble fiber are extremely beneficial for your health.  They are associated with the following benefits –

This type of fiber reduces the risk of Cardiovascular disease.  The gel like fiber reduces the LDL which is bad cholesterol.  Oats and Apples are good examples of this.  However to get these benefits, you need to take soluble fiber along with healthy foods which are lower in saturated fats and do not contain trans fat.

So How Does Soluble Fiber Improves Heart Health?

There are several factors which are reason for Soluble fiber being healthy.  Let us see how it works.  It basically improves the good cholesterol and lipid levels.

1. It slows down the digestion process.  It takes longer time for the digestive enzymes to digest soluble fiber and you feel full longer.  This reduces your cravings for Carbs and other high blood sugar raising foods.  The fiber does not allow the blood sugar to rise too quickly and improves the insulin sensitivity.  Prolonged state of high blood sugar is what causes insulin insensitivity and gradually develops into Diabetes.  This also controls your weight gains.

Fiber and Protein are the two foods which makes your feel full for a long time.  When you take refined bread you will not only get lot of calories, you will feel hungry and get tremendous cravings very soon and it will move out from your stomach pretty quickly.  On the other hand if you take whole grain bread(Fiber rich) with some protein such as chicken or Peanut butter (Protein) you will not feel hungry for a longer time.

2. It decreases the amount of Cholesterol produced by our Liver.  The soluble fiber is digested by the bacteria int he guts which causes fermentation and gases.  It also produces Short Chain Fatty Acids which reach the Liver and signal it to produce less amount of Cholesterol.

How Soluble Fiber is Beneficial For You3. Increases the excretion of Bile acids.  Soluble Fiber acts like a sponge and soaks up the bad cholesterol and removes if from our body. It also reduces the recycling of Bile acids.  When your bile acids are removed from the body by the fiber, Liver soaks up the bile acid from the blood hence causing reduction in Serum total and LDL cholesterol.

If you take medications for reducing cholesterol, we would suggest taking more fibers.  It will not only regulate your digestion and take care of cravings you will inadvertently end up having a healthier cholesterol level with in a few months.

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