How To Avoid Flatulence When Taking Fiber

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If you are used to taking more meat based foods, but want to switch to taking more fiber based foods you may face an embarrassing problem.   Flatulence.  Many people face this problem when they suddenly start taking more fiber rich foods of dietary fiber supplements such as metamucil.  This side effect can discourage most people and they can discontinue the fiber intake.

Why Fiber Creates Flatulence

Flatulence is intestinal gas produced by friendly bacteria in the colon when they digest the carbohydrates which are not digested by our body.  The carbohydrates which are not digested are mostly fiber.  During the digestion by the bacteria fermentation takes place which creates the gas.

The issue is this can become an embarrassing problem socially.  So how can this be solved?

How To Avoid Flatulence When Taking Fiber Rich Foods

1. Soak the Beans and Legumes. Beans and legumes contains complex carbohydrate molecules which are indigestible by human beings since our enzymes cannot break them down.  The simple solution is to soak them overnight.  Doing this helps since these molecules are water soluble and are absorbed in the water.

2. Cook the veggies. Many other complex molecules present in fiber rich foods get broken down when you cook them.  Then the food become easier to digest and easy on your stomach.

3. Puree the Veggies. When you create a puree which is just blending in a blender the intestine can absorb the veggies such as cabbages and broccoli better.  This leaves lesser amount of veggies to be consumed by the bacteria.

4. Increase the Fiber Gradually. If you are not used to fiber based foods your intestines will need more time to adjust. So when you suddenly start taking more fiber in form of diet or supplement, it passes most of the food towards the colon.  Increasing the fiber intake slowly helps.  Try to increase by around 5 grams per week.  Then the body will get sufficient time to adjust.

5. Take more water. This is the rule which many people forget.  It is important to take more water as it helps in dealing with the fiber increase.

Here are some foods which are more likely to cause gas:

Beans, cabbage, broccoli, Radish, apples, oats and sprouts.


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