How To Avoid Psyllium Dependency For Bowel Movements

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Psyllium HuskEvery day there are tens of thousands of people who take Psyllium in the form of Metamucil or other similar products for many of its health benefits.  These health benefits include relief from constipation, relief in Diarrhea, making your cholesterol levels healthier, reduction in excess weight  and many more.  However, the most prevalent reason for anyone going for Psyllium is improve the bowel movements.

Importance of Psyllium in Constipation Control

Millions of people all over the world suffer from constipation regularly.  And, this problem is increasing day by day.  Although constipation can be caused by multitude of reasons and diseases, the most common reason is lack of enough fiber in our food.  Much of it can of course be blamed on the modern day fetish for fast food which has led to this problem.

Psyllium or its branded products such as Metamucil or Isabgol can be a solution to this problem to those who suffer due to lack of adequate fiber.  If you want to know how Psyllium or Metamucil can help you control your constipation problem you should read more about Psyllium here.

Can You Develop Dependency on Psyllium for Bowel Movements?

If you remain constipated for most days and get a relief  by taking Psyllium, you may start thinking how easy the bowel movements have become.  Due to this you may want to continue taking Psyllium.  Sometimes it is also possible to develop a fear that bowel movements would go back to become lethargic again.  Usually this this is not the case.  But mentally it is possible that you could become accustomed to, or develop Psyllium dependency.

What is the Ideal Routine Then

Ideally you should not take Psyllium for more than six days continuously.  Take a break of day or two.  You would notice that the bowel movements remain smoother even when you take the break.  You body also gets to adjust to food without Psyllium and adjusts accordingly.  Hence the digestive system remains alert and well oiled.

Most constipation start when the food is too sticky and starts accumulating on the intestinal walls.  Gradually the intestines lose their flexibility and the movements and become slower.  This causes constipation.  Taking Psyllium cleans the intestinal walls and makes them more energetic and healthy.  Since the build up on the intestinal walls do not happen in just a day or two, taking a break on Psyllium won’t do you any bad.

So keep taking breaks after every 5 or 6 days and you can continue to enjoy the benefits of Psyllium for a long time.  Just remember to take more  vegetable based dietary fiber along with Psyllium to meet your fiber needs and avoid dependency on only few sources.

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