How to Detox With Psyllium Husk

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Detox With PsylliumPsyllium husk is a natural high soluble fiber that is used for many health benefits including colon cleansing and detoxing the body. As you may be aware, Psyllium husk comes from the plant Plantago Ovata which is extracted from the thousands of seeds that are produced. Psyllium husk is a natural laxative and is a main ingredient in many bulk laxative products but it is also used for detox frequently.

However here is a warning before you use Psyllium for detox.  It is extremely important when detoxing with psyllium husk to use the proper amount of water which is eight 8 ounces glasses or more to prevent any blocking in the digestive tract. Psyllium has the potential to cause gastrointestinal symptoms or can create an abnormal mass in the small intestine. It is highly recommended to consult your physician before taking any psyllium product.

How Does Pysllium Husk Help in Detox

There are many natural ways to detox and one of the ways is using by psyllium powder. Psyllium powder is very effective for the detox process. The husks and seed are extracted then are blended to create a powder form. Detoxing with psyllium is a good way to remove the waste build up in the intestines that occurs during digestion. Since psyllium absorbs water and expands, it scrubs down the walls of the intestines removing excess waste from the body. For detoxification pysllium powder is taken three times a day for up to seven days.

Simple Way to Detox With Psyllium

Before you start your detox it is recommended to take any vitamins, supplements or medicine and wait two hours to begin. This should be done because psyllium husk has the effect of causing medication not to be properly absorbed. When starting the psyllium detox stir the powder in an 8 ounce glass of water and drink immediately. This must be done so the ability to swallow the substance is easy. After consuming that drink another half glass or whole to help move the psyllium powder into the digestive tract. You can take two tablespoons of bentonite clay before taking the psyllium powder to help improve the results of the detoxing process. Eat small meals that have plenty of fiber and drink 8 ounces of glass of water every few hours.

Severe Symptoms That Can Occur

Severe side effect symptoms can occur when to much psyllium husk is ingested. These side effects can range from vomiting, severe stomach pain, rectal bleeding or severe constipation that last more than seven days. If you experience any of these side effects from taking psyllium husk reporting to your physician immediately is highly recommended.

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