How To Do Colon Cleanse Using Metamucil Or Psyllium

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Colon cleansing is an essential cleaning activity which should be done from time to time. Clean colon is essential to healthy body and energetic mind. Unclean colon can gradually make you dull and push toxins in your body and make you lethargic.  It can also cause many diseases and encourage parasites. Hence colon cleanse is considered to be a must for anyone.  Usually naturopathy believes in cleaning the colon at regular intervals.  Psyllium is a cheap and effective option to keep the colon clean.

How to Use Psyllium For Colon Cleanse

Psyllium is one of the most preferred mediums for colon cleanse since it is cheap and it is gentle on the intestines and colon.  Although there are many ways to perform colon cleanse, Psyllium can be easily used at home. Here are some basic steps for using Psyllium for colon cleanse.

When you start the colon cleanse regimen, start with having simple vegetarian food. Vegetarian food can pass more easily through the bowels and they contain fiber naturally.  Meats require more time in the intestines to be digested and absorbed.  Hence for Colon cleansing regimen switch to vegetarian food which does not contain too much oil or gravy.

In case you are new to psyllium, you can read the more on Psyllium here. You would need to take Psyllium , around half an hour before your bed time.  On the day of the colon cleanse take around 1 tea spoon of Psyllium fiber if you have never tried Psyllium before.  If you are used to Psyllium you can take two teaspoons also.

For each teaspoon drink around 1 glass of water. In fact it should be mixed in the glass of water and you can have it.  After some time take more water.

Psyllium husk will now start its cleaning work.  It will gently push its way through the intestines and colon and softly grazing the surface and taking the sticky material on the surface of the colon and intestines. Having the vegetarian food on that day will help it to work in smoother manner.

In the morning you will have a very smooth bowel movement and you will feel light and energetic.

You should repeat this process every week for next few weeks.  You will immediately see a lot of difference and your digestion process will become better naturally.

You can also increase your dose slightly next time, but do not increase by more than 3 to 4 teaspoons.  Usually, when you do this process regularly, 2 teaspoons should be sufficient.

In case you find the taste of raw Psyllium little awkward take Metamucil.  You can think of Metamucil as flavored Psyllium.

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