How to Drop LDL by 56 Points in Six Months

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LoweringYour Cholesterol With MetamucilIn the modern world, it is very common to hear about various metabolic problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure.  We eat many types of refined food which gradually starts to take a toll on our body.  Due to the combination of modern lifestyle and food, the body produces cholesterol which starts getting deposited in the arteries.  Over the years it causes heart blockage and leads to heart diseases or attacks.

Usually doctors recommend statin for reducing cholesterol. Many people may be surprised to discover about the effectiveness of Psyllium in reducing cholesterol.

In this article Georgia Lund discusses how she dropped her LDL cholesterol by 56 points in just few months. You can find the original article here.  I am reproducing the article here as a proof to our readers about the effectiveness of Psyllium in reducing bad cholesterol.

From 140 to 84 in six months. That’s how much my ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol dropped with the help of psyllium husk fiber therapy. Yes, I take a statin drug, 40 mgs of Zocor daily to be exact, but prior to beginning fiber therapy my cholesterol was climbing higher. A combination of diet, exercise and Zocor was not lowering my cholesterol, fiber therapy was the fourth element I needed to get the job done.

I Already Had One Heart Attack

As the commercial for a popular statin drug proclaims, ‘while I was building a life something else was building in my arteries’. That’s what happened to me. As I went about my life, cholesterol (plaque) was building up in my arteries until one artery was completely blocked, resulting in a heart attack. Fortunately one heart stent placement and three arterial cleanouts later I am doing well, but it was imperative for me to lower my cholesterol and keep it lowered. Easier said than done. My cardiologist ordered regimen of a low fat diet, walking five times per week and 20 mgs of Zocor daily to lower my cholesterol. After sticking with the prescribed plan for six months, my cholesterol was higher. 20 points higher than the day I had my heart attack. The mgs of Zocor was doubled to 40 mgs and two months later the results were marginal. Down five points, but headed in the right direction. I had previously researched fiber therapy, so I decided to give it a try and see if it would help lower my cholesterol at a quicker pace.

My Psyllium Fiber Therapy Regimen

For the following six months I used the Walmart brand equivalent of Metamucil called ‘Equate Fiber Therapy’ (same ingredients and costs less). I mixed two tablespoons of the psyllium husk fiber with 8 ounces of water and drank it at least twice per day, once after breakfast and again after lunch. Some days I would mix a third portion at half the rate (one tablespoon in 8 ounces of water) and drink after supper. The psyllium fiber husks expand in the stomach and give a feeling of fullness which I found to be slightly uncomfortable if I drank the product late in the evening, that’s why I skipped drinking it most days after supper unless I had a light evening meal and found myself hungry. As an added bonus, psyllium husk fiber therapy helps you eat less by keeping you feeling full and the therapy helps regulate the digestive system.

Six months after adding psyllium fiber therapy to my cholesterol lowering regimen my LDL (bad) cholesterol had dropped 56 points. My doctor’s jaw dropped also when he read my lab work results and he asked me what else I had been doing in addition to taking Zocor because he knew the drug alone could not lower my cholesterol that much and that quick. I told my doctor of my fiber therapy and he approves. My doctor still wants my LDL number to be below 70, so I will continue my usual rate of fiber therapy until I reach that goal, then I will reduce the amount until I find the right fiber ratio to maintain a healthy cholesterol level. My total is currently 144.

What is Psyllium Husk Fiber?

Psyllium husk fiber, according to the Metamucil website, is derived from the seeds of the plantago ovata plant. Not all fiber therapy products contain psyllium husks, and without this type of fiber, cholesterol lowering results will not be the same. Psyllium fiber forms a thick gel when ingested and traps cholesterol, waste and bile in the digestive tract before they can be absorbed into the body and moves it out of the body quickly.

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