How To Easily Make Sprouts At Home

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In a previous post we saw how you can make a healthy sprouts salad. If you are interested in trying out sprouts salad you would be pleased to know that there are several great things about sprouts salad.  Let us have a look at some of the benefits of eating sprouts.

Health Benefits of Sprouts

  1. They are eaten raw and all the nutrition is intact.
  2. During the germination process the nutrition value of the seeds increase many fold. Sprouts are full of minerals and nutrients which can be easily absorbed in our body.
  3. Sprouts contain amino acids which are the basic building blocks of protein hence you can meet your protein requirement while on a vegetarian diet.
  4. Sprouts are made from seeds which are great source of fiber.  You can meet your dietary fiber needs substantially if you take a bowl of sprouts regularly.
  5. You will have a great bowel movements without the need to take laxatives.
  6. Many people find it difficult to digest seeds and nuts.  However, if you make sprouts, you can eat them and digest them more easily.

Many people buy sprouts from grocery stores, but at many places it is not available.  But you need not worry.  You can easily prepare nutritious sprouts at home.  You just need some time.  You can use sprout makers which are sold in the market, but that is not necessary.  I prepare sprouts at home without the sprout maker and they come out just as fine.

How to Easily Grow Sprouts at Home

I will explain what I do and you can also easily follow this process at your home.

Take many types of seeds and legumes such as kidney beans, chickpeas, moong and red lentils,  I also mix other kinds of lentils.  Take them in a bowl and wash them.  Then add water so that all the seeds are in the inside the water.

Add some more water so that there is water around 1 inch above the seeds in the bowl.  This is necessary since seeds will soak water and expand in volume.  Soak it overnight.  In the morning you will see that all the seeds have increased in size after soaking the water.

Sprout FiberDrain the water and wash the seeds again.  Now keep the seeds in a soft cloth or in the same container in a dark corner.  Wash the seeds every 12 hours.  By next 24 hours you should see the sprouting happening.  Keep it for 12 more hours and your sprouts should be ready to be eaten.

Enjoy this healthy food for few weeks and see the dramatic changes in your body.


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