How To Eat Lot Of Food Without Worrying About Weight Gain

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If you like to eat but want to avoid weight gain you have two options.  Basically, there are two ways of eating a lot of food.  First way is to eat a lot of food which contains fiber and the second way is to eat a lot of food which has more refined ingredients or fast digesting carbohydrates.

The verdict is clear. Even if you eat a lot, but if that food is fiber rich, you would not gain weight as rapidly as you would, had you taken food with more refined ingredients and fast digesting carbohydrates.

There are many people who use fiber such as metamucil and psyllium for controlling weight gains.  But avoiding weight gain is not the only advantage.  There are many other advantages if high fiber food as compared to the other option.  Let us have a look.

Advantages of Eating Full with Fiber Rich Diet Instead of High Carb Diet

More Energy – When you take high carbo and highly refined foods, the blood sugar levels rise rapidly. The body needs to remove the sugar in the blood and diverts the energy to that.  Due to this you will feel sleepy and lethargic after taking foods like lot of rice or mashed potato.

High fiber foodsInstead take good amounts of veggies and fruits and eat as much as your want.  You will still have more energy.  The reason being the fiber prevents the sugar being released into the blood stream fast.  Remember, if you take fruit juice this advantage will not be there as fruit juices also increase the blood sugar levels rapidly.

Less Cravings – High carb foods also create more cravings since they are good sources of sugar.  Sugar is addictive and creates strong cravings, which compels you to take more sugar and carbs.  Fiber releases sugar slowly into the blood stream and you will not feel any sugar high or cravings which happen when sugar dips too low.

Less Hunger Pangs – The hunger reduces and you will not feel like biting the next cookie.  When we keep on eating extra high calorie snacks it adds up and causes weight gain.  When you take more fibers you will not feel like taking extra cookie or a cup cake.

Healthy Skin – You will develop more healthy skin when you take more fiber as it cleanses your system and bowels more easily.  If you start drinking good amount of water along with high fiber foods you will see a positive difference in your skin tone in few weeks.

High sugar generating foods on the other had age you faster and cause metabolic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and weight gain.

So the choice is yours.  If you want to eat more food without the fear rapid weight gain, take more fiber rich food.

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