How To Have More Fiber and Still Enjoy It

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I must admit something.  Although we all know that take healthier food will make us healthy we still falter.  I still crave and pick some of the french fries my son take occasionally.  It is hard to resist the temptation of fries and go for the greens.

But a few small habit changes have helped me, and I’m now having more fiber rich food than ever.  Healthy eating is more about having healthy mindset.  Few hours back I finished two apples and loved them.  I also have more healthier food than ever.  I believe you can also easily make some small changes.

Lets looks at some small changes which can help you:

  • Creating Healthy Food Trigger. Tie your healthy food habit to different triggers through out the day.  For example 1) Take one apple before the lunch. 2) Taking a banana after the dinner or lunch and ensuring that your stomach has space for that. 3) Taking at least few bites of some salad like tomato and onions during a major meal. 4) Carrying some raw almonds in your pocket and eating few of them whenever you feel like eating something.
  • Learning to enjoy the Raw Fruit or Vegetable. If you have not been eating fruits and just starting out, just observe the smell, flavor and how it feels good when you chew it and it comes in contact with your tongue.  Imagine how it will benefit your body.  You will start to enjoy the fruit and will be more willing to take it next time.
  • Only eat the fruit you like the most. Most fruits are good and have various nutrients.  If you like a particular fruit, take it more.  You should feel happy and good.  If you do not know which one to pick then try few of them and find out which one you love the most.  There are so many choices such as pears, plums, guava and you are surely going to like more than one.
  • Always carry one or two fruits. Now a days I walk to my office and I carry at least two apples.  I finish one while walking to the office, enjoying the fruit.  You can also carry a banana or an apple while doing your walks and slowly chew the fruit and enjoy it.
  • Always have salads or fruits on your dining table. Keeping salads and fruits near your plate will inspire you to take more of them.  Change the veggies used in the salad often and enjoy the various tastes and flavors.  If required add some dressings or even some lemon juice can make them taste delicious.

This tips will give you more chance to take healthier food.  Hopefully you can start having more fruits and vegetables which can help you to become healthier and fitter by the time this year ends.

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