How To Change Your Mindset About Having More Fiber

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Many people who want to get healthier want to eat more foods which contain dietary fiber.  However if you are junk food fan or a person who loves his or her meat balls, taking more veggies is harder than it sounds.  Right?  Well, here you will learn some easy way to get more dietary fiber and in the process become more healthy.

Not getting more fiber may sometimes be due to your habits.

Consider the following examples:

  • You would like to eat more veggies or fruits and you promise yourself that you will eat more of them. When the time for lunch or dinner is there you do not feel like eating vegetables.  You would rather prefer the bacon or chicken fries.
  • You tell yourself that when you get home you will make some salads… but when you are going back home you feel too tired to cook or make anything at home.  You end up piking up buffalo chickens from the nearest drive in restaurant.
  • You plan to stick to some great salads or green smoothies tomorrow.  In the afternoon you get invited to buffet lunch next day by your colleagues and you give in to the temptation.

Allowing our moods or temptations to dictate our food choice leads to bad food habits.  It often leads you to take shortcuts and have unhealthy foods more often than not.

So how can you improve on this?  Imagine in your brain how eating healthier will help you in having overall good health, improve your cholesterol levels, help you reduce weight over next few weeks, control your blood sugar levels and improve your immune system.  Just keep a list of all the good thing in advance and then do not listen to your mood which deciding about the food.

When it is time for deciding on what food is going to be present on your plate, instead of saying “I don’t feel like having more veggies or fruits” say something on these lines instead:

  1. I have already planned to have more fruits and vegetables and I must stick to it.
  2. I know that this diet is better than what I am craving for.  I must have this.
  3. My health will improve if I have better diet.
  4. I am doing this since I love myself so much that I must care my body and treat it better.
  5. I am doing this so that I can showoff my better body to others.  I can be an example to others.  It will improve the lives of others also.
  6. I am a professional and I must act like one.

All the actors, athletes and other glamorous people we see and admire take lots of healthy food which includes fiber and lots of fluids.   They also have cravings.  But they do not eat bad food just because they feel like eating them.  They have developed the self control and know that eating fresh vegetables and fruits are vital to their looks and health.

Then maintain this discipline everyday until it becomes a habit. You you achieve that you will see that your health is so much better and you will be full of energy to enjoy your life to the fullest, without untimely illness.



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