How To Know If Your Food Contains Sufficient Fiber

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If you have become aware about importance of fiber, but not sure if your food contains enough fiber this article will help you find it out.  With a very simple method.  So you like to eat out but do not know if you are taking good amount of fiber? Here is how you can find out.

How To Find If You Are Taking Enough Fiber

All you need to do is a simple test and you can easily find it out.  Just observe how you chew the food.  Do you need to chew harder or more times than usual.  If yes than your food contains more fiber.  If you can easily gulp down your food without needing to chew much, it is highly likely that your food does not contain much fiber.  If you are wondering why that is so here is the reason.

You see fiber is contained mainly in vegetables and fruits and it is absent in animal meats.  If you observe carefully, when we have more fruits and vegetable on our plate we need to chew more as compared to eating bread or pasta which are made of refined flour devoid of most of its natural fiber. For example if you have some carrots in you plate, would you not need to chew more?

Add More Colors To Your Plate For More Fiber

Simple way to make sure you have fiber is to add more color on your dinner or lunch plate.  By color I mean colorful natural foods such as Tomatoes, Carrots, Celery or Beet  It could also be some fruits.  More colors you have not only will you have more fiber you will also get the nutrition needed from these natural foods.

What About Boiled Vegetables?

Fiber For KidsYou may argue that boiled vegetable do not need much chewing.  I agree, but usually raw fruits and vegetables are better in most cases.  Boiled vegetables will also give you the fiber you need but it will be absorbed much faster your your blood stream hence you will not get the benefit of sugar being release slowly into the blood stream.

Of course some vegetable should be cooked before they can be eaten and you should eat them that way.  However the point is, add more veggies and fruits in your meals and you can virtually guarantee that your fiber needs will be met without needing any supplements.



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