How To Lose Weight With Benefiber

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Katey is a stay at home young mom of three kids.  She is a health conscious person.  So when she got a offer to try Benefiber for few weeks and see how it could help her she was open to it.  She started taking 1 tablespoon of benefiber in water for twice a day.  Since benefiber is tasteless she did not find any change in taste in the water.

What Happened After 2 Weeks

She was also doing cardio during this time.  After two weeks she was able to keep off 2.5 pounds of weight.  One of the major changes she discovered when she started consuming benefiber is how it kept her full for many hours.  Her hunger reduces and she reduced snacking.  All these factors helped her keep off the extra weight.

Considering that she only tried it for just 2 weeks it is really good results.  Here is the video where she describes this.

Can You also Lose Weight Using Benefiber?

Yes you can also use benefiber for weight loss.  Benefiber like many other fiber supplements such as Metamucil or Citrucel can help you to fight obesity.  To do this you need to keep some points in mind.  Here are some of the points you need to remember –

  • Eat judicially.  Any amount of fiber or other supplements are not going to help you if you keep eating junk foods.
  • Drink plenty of water.  Water keep you cleaner and flushes out toxins.
  • Eat more foods which are naturally healthy such and green veggies, fruits such as oranges, pineapples, nuts such as almonds etc.
  • Do not eat too much at a time.  Eat smaller portions more frequently.

What is Benefiber?

Benefiber is made from wheat dextrin.  You can easily take it anywhere you want it easily since benefiber is usually bought in the powder form.  It can easily dissolve in water and other beverages and does not changes the taste of the liquids in which it is dissolved.

How Benefiber Helps in Losing Weight?

The most effective way benefiber reduces is by reducing the cravings.  Benefiber keeps you feeling fuller for a long time hence reduces the chances of eating junk foods which can cause obesity and other health problems.

Other Benefits of Benefiber

Benefiber is also a kind of prebiotic.  Prebiotics are foods or supplements which nourishes your healthy bacteria in the digestive system which can help your health in many different ways.  One of the benefits is keeping your digestive system healthy.

Since Benefiber is not flavored it can be used by adding to  variety of foods.  This way you can get fiber in your daily foods.

General Tips When Using Benefiber

Since benefiber is tasteless it can be added to various foods and drinks.  You can add benefiber to foods such as muffins, curries, salads, sauces and soups.  Benefiber is non thickening hence you will not notice the difference and still get the benefits associated with fiber and prebiotics.

Increase usage slowly.  This will help you to deal with some side effects such as bloating.  Also do not mix benefiber with carbonated drinks as that is not recommended by the company.

Don’t consume benefiber if you are glutten intolerant.  Although it is considered as glutten free still some minuscule amount of glutten is present in benefiber.

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