How to Prevent Asthma Naturally with Fiber

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Fiber consumption has been attributed to many many health benefits such as preventing weight gain, controlling blood sugar level hikes thus controlling Type 2 Diabetes and helping your gut to remain healthy.  Some studies now say that fiber can also help in preventing Asthma.

Here is how fiber prevents Asthma.

How Fiber Helps in Asthma

The major reason for Asthma is inflammation in the Bronchial tube.  Asthma is mainly a inflammatory disease.  When the Bronchial tube suffers from inflammation it constricted or narrows down which makes it difficult to breathe.

Such narrowing down of the Bronchial tube happens due to auto immune response of in response to inflammatory chemicals.  These chemicals cause the body to react to them and cause inflammation of various parts of the body.  Inflammation causes swelling and mucus in the affected organs.  In some people the inflammation happens the respiratory system and cause Asthma.  The mucus and the swelling closes down or narrow the Bronchial tube.

Fiber helps in two ways.  Firstly it prevents obesity.  Obesity which means presence of excess fat in the body causes inflammation.

Secondly fiber helps the growth of friendly bacteria which fight inflammation.  When fiber rich food is eaten, the bacteria in the guts ferment the fiber which produces short chain amino acids.  These short chain amino acids calms down and reduces the inflammation and the bronchial tube opens up again.

On the other hand, processed foods and junk foods which can contain Trans fat, causes the bad bacteria to grow rapidly and causes inflammation.

Take More Fiber to Prevent Asthma

Taking more fiber rich food will benefit you in many ways.  It will not only prevent Asthma and reduce obesity you will remain healthier and relatively disease free in the long run since fiber rich food are the healthiest food across all food categories.

There are many recipes which can be a good source of fiber.  One of the example is Fiber rich Pizza.

Here is a video which explains how fiber helps in controlling and preventing Asthma.


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