How To Take Psyllium For Colon Cleanse

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Time to time we all should undergo colon cleansing routines.  Colon cleansing need not be as complicated as we usually think of it to be.  A simple herb can be used for cleaning the colon effectively.  That herb is called Psyllium.

Psyllium For Colon Cleanse

You may have heard about the capabilities of Psyllium in cleansing your colon.  Psyllium husk when taken with sufficient water expands in the intestines, and cleanses them as well as the Colon.  This happens as the expanded Psyllium husk gently moves down the intestinal tracts and brushes against the walls.

As this happens it also absorbs some of the toxins present in the intestines and the colon.

How To Use Psyllium For Colon Cleanse

This process is very easy. In a small container such as yogurt container take 2 to 3 ounces of water or some juice.  Add one tea spoon of Psyllium husk. Cover the lid and shake well few times.  Take off the lid and drink the liquid or gel.  Some Psyllium will stick to the wall of the container.  Make sure that you wash it and drink that also.

Afterwards take around 8 ounces of water.  If you doing colon cleanse after a long time you can take some colon cleanse herb if required.  If you do it once on 10 to 15 days you may not require the herb.

Here is a video which explains the process.


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