How To Use Citrucel For Regularity and Health

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Citrucel is a fiber supplement which is sold in the market as over the counter drug.  The essential component of Citrucel is methylcellulose which is extracted from plants.  Citrucel is a unique fiber supplement which can be used for not only getting rid of constipation, but also diarrhea.

How Citrucel works

Citrucel contains soluble fiber and when taken with sufficient water, absorbs water and forms bulk stool.  The soft bulk passes through the intestines and clears the constipation.  It can also stop diarrhoea since it can absorb the water liquid and solidify the stool.

Advantage of Citrucel over other fiber supplements is that it does not ferment hence it does not produce bloating and gas.

If you are struggling with regularity problems related to bowel movements Citrucel can help you.

Citrucel is considered as light laxative which is non habit forming.  That means you can stop using it without the fear of developing constipation due to its withdrawal.  However since it is a mild laxative it is advisable to stop using it after a week.  Then you can again resume after another week.  In case you need to take it for long term the you should take advice from your doctor.

Citrucel can also be taken as fiber supplement to meet the amount of fiber recommended as the daily dose.

What are the Precautions You need to take

Not everybody should take fiber supplements without consulting their doctor.  Here are some of the situations in which you should be careful.

If you have history of intestinal blockage or stomach ulcers you should avoid taking it without asking your doctor.  Similarly if you have had any surgery in the abdomen or the gut then also you should not take it without asking the doctor.

If you have had some allergic reactions to Citrucel in the past it is better to avoid it.

If you suffer from cramping and abdomen pain after taking Citrucel then you should be careful about the dosage.  You may want to reduce you dosage and see how you feel next time.  If the cramping or the pain still exists then it is better to avoid Citrucel.

If you have been suffering from severe long term constipation or suffer from rectal bleeding then also you need to avoid it.

If you are pregnant then consult your doctor before starting on Citrucel.

If you are taking prescription medicines or other supplements then consult your doctor about when is the best time to take Citrucel.

If there has been a recent change in your bowel movements then also you need to be careful about starting you Citrucel dose.  For example in case of sudden occurrences of constipation of diarrhea for few days in the recent past avoid taking Citrucel till the bowel movements are back to normal.

How to Take Citrucel and what is the recommended dosage?

Before you take Citrucel, be sure about the dose you are taking.  Read the label carefully and take dose recommended there as per the age.  Also ensure that you take at least one glass of water with it.  If you are taking medications then take Citrucel either 2 hours before or 2 hours after taking the medicine.  You can take Citrucel with or without food.  Have the recommended gap between two doses.  If you are taking twice a day then ensure at least 10 hours gap.

Caplets contains only 1 gram of fiber per two caplets.  The powder version contains 2 grams of fiber in one dose.  Hence you would need to take 4 caplets if you want to match one dose of the podered form.

What are the flavors of Citrucel?

Citrucel is available in three forms.  Orangel flavoured powder, Orange flavoured sugar free version and Caplets.  Sugar free version contains aspartame which may cause some side effects such as migraine in some people.

What is the difference between Citrucel Caplet and Powder

Citrucel is sold in both powder and caplet form.  Caplets and powder essentially contain the same content which is methylcellulose.  If you like to take Citrucel in liquid such as water, cold tea or mixed in juice then use the powder.  It is important to take it with cold liquid. However if you find the taste of Citrucel not to your liking or do not like the hassle of mixing it in any liquid, but want to get the benefits then you can quickly gulp the caplets with a glass of water.

Can you use Citrucel for weight loss?

Although any fiber helps in reducing extra weight over time, you should not take Citrucel with the intention to reduce your weight.  You should think of it as fiber supplement which will improve your health including weight loss and regulating your blood sugar levels, still the primary objective should not be weight loss when taking Citrucel.   For more information read this article.

Can you use Citrucel for IBS problem?

People who suffer from IBS usually suffer from both the problems – constipation and diarrhea.  Citrucel is beneficial for both the conditions.  Most people who suffer from diarrhea, usually for years together report that they have benefited immensely after taking Citrucel.  Citrucel is light on your guts and reduces the sensitivity of the guts which causes IBS, However you should also find out the foods which trigger IBS and would do well to avoid them as well to get full benefits.

Many people who had been taking Metamucil report that it did not benefit them, and when they started taking Citrucel they could see a vast change in their system and bowel movements improved dramatically.  If you plan to start taking Citrucel start with a small dose and see your body reacts.  When you find that it is not harming you then start increasing the dose in small increments till you start feeling better.

Small percentage of people have reported that they did not see any benefits from taking Citrucel in their IBS condition.  So the extent of benefits can differ from person to person.

Where to Buy Citrucel

You can buy Citrucel in your local store or you can also order it online from Amazon.  If you want to order online then you can –

click here to buy Orange flavoured Citrucel powder from Amazon.

click here to buy Orange flavoured sugar free Citrucel powder from Amazon.

click here to buy Citrucel caplets, 180-Count from Amazon.


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