Increasing Dietary Fiber Can Lead to Healthier Food Choice

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Many times we think of adding more fiber rich foods to our diet but back off when tempted with foods which are delicious.  We give in to the temptations even though we may feel guilty or aware that the food we are taking may not be good on us.  Some part of this has to do with out habits.  The brain loves the food we are used to and created cravings for them again and again.  However there are some techniques which can help up to gradually change the bad food habits.

The good news is there is more incentive in form of positive research feedback which advocates more fiber rich diet.  The researchers found that adding more fiber leads to more healthier food choice than thought of earlier.  This was published in the 17th Feb issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.

High fiber foodsThe experiment was done for one year in which around 240 adults were identified and asked to change their food the period of experiment.  Half the participants were asked to take at least 30 grams of fiber per day while the other half was asked to take diet which is recommended by American Heart Association (AHA).  This included following many things such as taking more vegetables and fruits, reducing salt and sugar consumption, taking more lean protein and following a balanced food which had proper quantity of carbs, fats and protein.

After one year it was found that those following AHA diet lost 6 pounds of weight on average while those on high fiber diet lost 4.6 pounds of weight.  They also found that all participants lowered the blood glucose levels and blood pressure.  However 7 people in the high fiber did group developed diabetes.

The researchers recommended that high fiber diet is usually the best principal to follow if you cannot follow complicated processes in other dietary systems.  Increasing the dietary fiber helps since it forces the person to take less amount of bad fats and sugar rich foods as you feel full for longer time.  It is also easier to one aspect of just adding more fiber in form of fruits and vegetables instead of always measuring the calories and the saturated fats you are eating.

So high fiber diet indirectly forces you to take less amount of unhealthy foods.  This is also endorsed by researchers as Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester.  Fiber rich foods also means that you are taking more fruits and vegetables which provides us with other nutrients also.

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