Interesting Facts About Isabgol

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Isabgol is one of the oldest laxatives used by civilized world.  Isabgol has been cultivated all over the world for hundreds of years.  In South Asian countries it is consumed by millions of people annually mainly for constipation relief.  Isabgol is commonly known as Psyllium in the western world.  Here are some interesting facts about this herb –

  1. Although Isabgol is mainly used as laxative, many people do not recognize it as a dietary fiber source or supplement. Apart from constipation relief it can also be helpful in solving metabolic syndrome disorder as obesity, lowering of high blood pressure, reduction in bad cholesterol and controlling blood sugar.
  2. It is the main ingredient in one of the most popular over the counter product called Metamucil.  In India and other South Asian countries it is marketed as Isabgol or Isaphgol.
  3. Cost of Isabgol is very much cheaper than Metamucil.  The major difference is, in Metamucil flavor, color and some sweetening agents are added so that it can be consumed more easily whereas Isabgol is raw Psyllium and while is color.
  4. Isabgol can be effective in controlling obesity.  If you take it daily upto two times a day you would see that you have reduced a lot of weight within six weeks to eight weeks.
  5. For Constipation if you take it in the night with a glass or two of water next day you will have a very good bowel movement.  However it has been observed that people suffering from chronic constipation for a very long time may not find it very effective in constipation relief.  For them it is better to go for some other treatment and once bowels are clear take Isabgol regularly to avoid constipation and control other factors such as blood sugar levels and obesity.
  6. If you are suffering from diarrhea then you can take Isabgol with Yogurt or Curd and it can help in stopping constipation.
  7. If you are susceptible to lose motions then you should take little quantity of Isabgol, may be half a tea spoon – with water and then see your tolerance.  If you can tolerate it then you can go for more quantity.

Isabgol is a bulk forming substance as it absorbs lot of water.  So you need to drink much more water than you drink normally.  Usually one to two glasses of water is sufficient with one spoon of Isabgol.  If sufficient water is not taken it can sometimes lead to chocking or other side effects.  So ensure that you drink sufficient water to get all the benefits associated with this wonderful herb.

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