Is Calorease Good For Weight Reduction?

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Calorease is a new fiber based product in the market which is supposed to help you lose weight, improve Cardiovascular health and help in fat reduction.   The main ingredient of Calorease is FBCx fiber which is derived from grain.  It is a soluble fiber which binds with the fat and does not make it available for absorption.  It also does not get affected by the bacteria in the gut which is responsible for digesting fibers.  Hence this fibers carries out the fat along with the stool.  The home page can be seen here.

After reading about this fiber product I decided to search for reaction from people who have used this product to see how much useful it is in real life.  Here are some of the comments – review by TTHouston – “My husband has Stage III Congestive Heart Failure. He began using this product in January and we went to the doctor yesterday. He had lost 25 lbs using this product in conjunction with his fluid pills. It is heart-friendly and if you can stand the “output” (bathroom) then this is a product for you! We are ordering more today.

I’ve purchased calorease three times from my local GNC shop. Since I had already been limiting my calories and food intake It took me a while to see if it was providing any benefit. After a few months I have come to the conclusion that it is just a waste of money. The calcium in diary probably binds to more dietary fat than this product. They were absolutely right when they said “No side effects”.”  – Sassysista on review

“I don’t know but every time I take one of these pills I begin to experience generalized body aches. I’ve stopped using it.” – April Harris on

“I am currently on calorease and got met with its side effects, i am a first time user of Calorease and i am on my 2nd week.   though when i took 2 pills before meal, it makes me some nauseous type of feeling all though my meal, and after meal it makes me bloat.   though i heard it lot times that diet pills often make you nauseating. i think this is the side effects of Calorease. If this problem persists i will not use this again.” – Yahoo Answers

Calorease ReviewAnother guy James lost 0.6 pound of weight after taking Calorease for 4 weeks.  Which does not sound too impressive.  For the full review you can read his experience here.

From the above experiences it looks as if Calorease may not be too effective in weight loss management.  However remember that these are individual experiences.  In case you still want to try it out, please let us know your experiences with this product.

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