Is Fiber Beneficial For Dogs

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Dogs are meat eating animal.  Since natural diet of dogs is meat does, it mean that they can not be given fiber.  After all, fibers are plant based foods.  Many people may object at the mere thought of providing their dogs vegetarian stuff.   But you may be surprised to know that almost all dogs have at least some vegetarian food which is usually present in the dog foods.  Similarly many dog owners feed biscuits and chips to their dogs also.

Is Fiber Beneficial For Dogs

Many studies including this one by School Of Veterinary Medicine show that fiber has substantial health benefits for pets including dogs.  Fibers are of two types – Soluble and Insoluble.  Both the types of fibers are required and recommended for dogs.

What Are the Benefits of Fiber For Dogs?

There are many diseases which are common to pets and their owners. Some examples of surprisingly common diseases and conditions are following –

1. Diabetes – Yes you heard it right.  Like humans, dogs can also suffer from Diabetes.  This can happen mostly due to wrong feeding habits and lack of exercise for dogs.

2. Obesity – According to a survey published in Association For Pet Obesity Prevention, more than 52 % dogs are obese.

3. Constipation – Many dogs and cats also suffer from constipation frequently.  Constipation for pets is a problematic situation as they can create nuisance in the house.

4. Diarrhea – Dogs can occasionally suffer from Diarrhea.  Usually it can happen due to infection or indigestion in the stomach.

The good news is fibers such as Psyllium can help your dog in each of the above conditions.  Fiber in his food can help him to get rid of constipation, diarrhea, reduce his obesity over long term and control Diabetes.  There are many good brands of fibers which can be given to your dog.  One of the good brands of fiber is Vetasyl.

fiberforDogsMany studies have shown that dogs lose body fat when given fiber for few months, and in some cases it has been observed that dogs on high fiber diet end up losing more than 5 times the body fat than other dogs which are on low fiber diet.

This is a very important finding since fat increase lead to other symptoms including Diabetes and makes the dogs lethargic.  Once your dog starts getting leaner, you will notice that not only is she more energetic and playful, but also her health conditions will improve dramatically and you will be able to enjoy her company for many more years.



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