Is Fiber One Good for Weight Loss?

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fiber1barLike we told you earlier, the doom of every dieter is hunger. Fiber enriched foods keep you full for a longer time than other foods do. Fiber also absorbs the fat and calories that sneak into your stomach. The best part is that you can easily fit the diet into your daily groceries with some slight adjustments.

Some Basics of Fiber

Dietary fiber is of two types: insoluble and soluble. Insoluble fiber attaches itself to the food material of the intestines and bulks up the stool. It helps the wastes pass through the bowels smoothly and without much stress. On the other hand, soluble fiber absorbs water inside the tummy and fills up the stomach. It glides through the gastrointestinal tract and slows digestion, making your body crave food less often. We can say that soluble fiber reduces hunger.

When you eat insoluble fiber, it bulks up and takes up space inside your belly. You feel full and don’t feel the need to eat much. Soluble fiber also does that, and more. Soluble fiber dissolves inside the intestines and absorbs some stuff. Most of this stuff are toxins inside your stomach, those extra fats and carbs, and carry them safely through the excretion system. To sum up, soluble fiber cuts your extra flesh and insoluble fiber cuts your hunger.

Fiber One is a popular brand that works as a fiber supplement. It has a lots of products to choose from, some being granola bars, cereals, brownies, bread and baking mixes. Fiber one products contain both soluble and insoluble fiber, some more than the others. For example, Fiber One bars provide 9 gm of fiber per serving, containing both soluble and insoluble fiber. Some of the fiber in the bar comes from whole oats, which is soluble. Oat contains more soluble fiber than any other grain. One ingredient in these bars is chicory roots, which contains a kind of soluble fiber called inulin. On the other hand, Fiber One cereals have more insoluble fiber than soluble. According to health experts, one half cup serving of Fiber One original cereal provides you with 1 gram of soluble fiber and as much as 13 gram of insoluble fiber.

Is Fiber One Good For Weight Loss

If you want to keep your bowel movements regular, eat more insoluble fiber. However, for weight loss, a balance between soluble and insoluble fiber will be most beneficial. That way, no extra food enters your body because of the insoluble fiber. Plus, the already existing fat gets exterminated by soluble fiber.  But generally insoluble fibers are quite good at inducing weight loss.  One of the best examples being Psyllium which is a insoluble fiber.  Because of its insoluble fiber content, Fiber one can help you reduce weight.  However purely for weight loss our preference would be Psyllium or Metamucil as they are proven to work for people who are looking for weight loss.

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