Is Fiber Really As Important As it is Projected

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The debate going on in some circles is, how useful fiber is in reality. In fact there are people Konstantin Monastyrsky who claim that fiber is destroying our health.  Konstantin is one of the controversial voices in the internet who claims that is the pharma companies who are responsible for spreading the lies regarding benefits of fiber.

Watch the video below on what Konstantin says about fiber consumption.  If you search the internet you would also find many other videos by him on youtube which tries to prove that fiber is bad for health.  In fact he goes on to say the Corectal cancers are caused due to fiber consumption.  Watch the video below.

Here is another opinion

Is Fiber really healthyHere is another video from a guy who run 180degree health channel on youtube.  He talks about whether fiber is really useful and how fiber may be causing weight loss.  The main point of his talk is fiber is fermented in the intestines which increases some molecules and fatty acids which reduce the insulin resistance.  In conclusion he says that fiber is really beneficial for us.

What is Our Opinion

Our opinion fiber is one of the most important nutrient along with fat, carbs and protein.  There are so many benefits of fiber that it is almost compulsory to have it regularly.  You may have also seen in the last article how fiber helps you regain your youthful looks or how it keeps your heart healthier.


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