Is GNC Super Fiber is Better Option Than Metamucil

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Recently I watched a video on Youtube. In this video Hagen Panton evaluates the difference between Metamucil and GNC Super Fiber.  As we all know Metamucil is made up of Psyllium and it is a insoluble fiber. That means the metamucil does not dissolve in water.  GNC super fiber is a soluble fiber.  Hagen mentions that if you are planning to use Metamucil or Psyllium for constipation and you already have a weak digestive system, it may not be a good idea to do so.

He goes on to demonstrate what happens when Metamucil and GNC super fiber are added to water. I kind of agree with Hagen’s theory.  However Metamucil is still a good choice when taken by people who have a good bowel strength.

Watch the video here –


What I liked the way was how Hagen demonstrated the difference.  However I found one issue which Hagen did not explain. For any non soluble fiber you need to take lot of water. Much more than what you would in case of soluble fiber. Hence the comparison may not be a true comparison in all cases. You cannot compare Oranges to Apples. However I still found the video informative hence posted it on our site.

Hope you enjoyed the information provided and gained some valuable information.

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