Is Isabgol Same as Metamucil

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Isabgol vs Metamucil

Many people who take Metamucil regularly do not know that is another similar product known as Isabgol.  Isabgol has practically the same effects as Metamucil. So the question which is asked frequently is – “Is Isabgol same as Metamucil?” To learn about the answer read ahead…

Isabgol vs Metamucil

First of all let me remind you that Metamucil is made up of Psyllium.  There are of course other contents which are added to Metamucil, but they are mainly for flavor and making it easier to consume.  Metamucil comes in different packages, forms and flavors.  But one thing still remains the same. Its primary content is still Psyllium.  Now talking about Isabgol, it can be thought of as just packed Psyllium. It does not come with any flavor.  It is just plain Psyllium.

So are there any advantages of disadvantages of these two?

There are some key difference, but overall the affect will be same.

The first difference is Metamucil is made by American company so packaged and marketed better where as Isabgol is packaged in a plain green paper box as not marketed aggressively in US and Canada. However you can find Isabgol in South Asian grocery stores easily.

The second difference is Metamucil comes in various shapes and sizes such as powder, wafers and capsules, by Isabgol comes just in powder form.

Thirdly, many of the Metamucil flavors can have some degrees of sugar added to them which may be desirable for people suffering from high blood sugar problems.

We saw the differences between Isabgol and Metamucil, but essentially they work the same way. When you add water to Isabgol or Metamucil it forms a thick gel which needs to be consumed with sufficient amount of water.

Hence if you are looking for Psyllium you can go for either of the options.  For cheaper option you can go for Isabgol and for more flavor you can go for Metamucil.

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