Is It Good To Take Metamucil During Fever

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Metamucil has many health benefits like making your cardio vascular health healthy, controlling blood sugar levels and helping in controlling blood pressure.  Because of these health benefits many people take it regularly.  There is question which can pop up – Is is OK to take fiber supplements such as Metamucil when you are suffering from fever.

Should You Take Metamucil or Fiber Supplements During Fever

Fever is not a disease in itself.  It means that something is wrong in the body or some infection has occurred in the body and body’s immune system is releasing the white blood cells to fight the infection causing virus or bacteria.

When this happens body’w immune system take over and most of the body’s energy is spent on fighting the invaders.  Due to this other system such as digestive system are not able to function as well as they would during normal times. One sign that the various systems are not at their full function is how you feel lethargic and lazy.

Since the digestive system is not acting properly you should go easy on what you eat as you may face indigestion.  Fiber supplements such as Metamucil can take significant portion of the digestive energy so you should also take it easy on taking the supplement.  In case you want to take take around half the usual quantity or may be little less than that.  That way your body will be able to handle it better.

What to Do If You have are under prescription drugs

If your doctor has prescribed any drugs such as antibiotics that you should definitely ask your doctor about taking fiber supplement.  Many times supplements such as Metamucil has interfere with the absorption of drugs so it is absolute must to consult your doctor.

Our advise would be to avoid taking the supplement if possible else taking it at a very low dossage.


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