Is Low Carbs Diet Better Than Low Fat Diet

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There are three major macro nutrients.  Carbs, Fat and Protein.  There are always studies going on to see which one of these is better.  Although we read about such studies almost everyday it is always better to use your own common sense before following any study blindly.

One of the recent studies showed that low carbs diet may be good for weight loss and heart health as compared to low fat diet.  In this research two groups of people were chosen randomly.  One group was asked to have not more than 40 grams of fiber daily while the other group was asked not to consume more than 30% of food as in form of fat.

After a year it was found that group consuming less carbs lost around 12 pound while the group consuming low fat lost around 4 pounds of weight.

The low carbs group also had the biggest improvement with respect to lower triglyceride  and lower bad cholesterol.  These two are one of the better indicators of the present heart health condition.


Some experts however do not take these results without a pinch of salt.  They pointed out that some of the weight loss could be due to the fact that participants may have started taking more amount of good saturated fats.  Also they mentioned that some of the subjects did not stick to 40 grams of carbs by the end of the year.  They were taking around 130 grams of carbs.  The low fat group was consuming around 200 grams of carbs by the end of the year.


These experts also mentioned that there are two types of carbs.  Low quality carbs, which are mostly in processed foods such as bread, pastries and cakes and the high quality carbs which are present in fruits and vegetables.  High quality carbs are required for healthy living and they also improve the heart health as well as control obesity.

Another factor which was pointed out was carbs are basic source of energy.  If you take less carbs you will find it difficult to exercise.  In this study the participants were told not to do any exercise to control the factors which could effect the results.  In real life people change their diet and also take part in different exercises.

Experts also said that eating too much carbohydrates was also not good, but that was mainly due to the fact that most people consume carbs in form of processed foods.  If you take more carbs in form of lots of fruits and vegetables and nuts instead of more bread and pasta you will not have much problem.  For more information you can read this article on how to eat more while not gaining weight. So select your food judiciously and enjoy a long and healthy life.

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