Kidney Beans – Very Tasty and Healthy

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Kidney beans are among the most popular kind of beans.  They are delicious, nutritious and filling.  Kidney beans are very popular in Central America region and Indian subcontinent.  Kidney beans are usually eaten with rice, but they can also be eaten with various kinds of breads.  Let us learn some more about Kidney Beans and why you should have them more regularly.  Kidney beans are called Rajma in India and Pakistan and Red peas in Jamaica.

Food Value in Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are store house of various trace metals such as Calcium, Iron and Magnesium.  They also contain Vitamin B5 and massive amount of protein.  Those of you who are vegetarians, can fulfill your protein requirements to large extent simply by consuming more kidney beans since they contain around 25% protein by their weight.

Amount of Fiber in Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are also great source of dietary fiber.  They contain around 15 grams of fiber / 100 grams in weight.  Which makes them very good source of dietary fiber along with Sesame seeds, chia seeds and flax seeds. When you have such an awesome combination of protein and dietary fiber in the same food you can safely assume that you can cover the rule of thumb which mentions that you should have 14 grams of fiber / 1000 calories.

How To Eat Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are usually hard and cannot be cooked easily.  You would need to soak them overnight and then boil them.  Some recipes like tacos have the kidney beans mashed up and spices are added.  While some other recipes do not require you to mash them but they should be soft enough after boiling so that they can be eaten easily.

We saw an recipe for Chilli Con Carne in the previous article.  Here is an recipe called Rajma which is regularly made in northern India and Pakistan.  This tastes awesome.  Once you have it once, I can guarantee that you would make it again and again.  Most of the spices mentioned can be bought at any Indian grocery store.  You can also order them online.

You can also find Rajma in the menu in many Indian restaurants all over the world, especially the Punjabi restaurants.

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