Metamucil For Colon Cleanse Review

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People over 50 are advised Colonoscopy to detect Colon cancer symptoms.  In colonoscopy the colon is inspected to find any signs of trouble. Regular checkup ensures safety and access to early treatment.

Many natural therapists recommend Colon cleanse to prevent not only Colon cancer, but also to keep you healthy. There are many products available in the market which can be used for colon cleanse.  In this video Metamucil is being reviewed for its effectiveness as an Colon cleanse product. He reviews the Metamucil Apple Crisp Wafers.

Here are some of the aspects which are discussed in the video –

  1. Taste
  2. How much water or juice needs to be taken with the wafers.
  3. How effective it is as a colon cleanse.
  4. What are the negative points about Metamucil wafers.

The review seems to be honest about the pros and cons of the product, although the reviewer also tries to promote his own colon cleanse product. But that is expected.

Here is the short video.


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