New Beverage With Fiber Content

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Here is a new drink which contain fiber in liquid form.  Unlike fiber supplements such as Citrucel or Metamucil which are solid supplement this one is easy to drink up and also contains other nutrients mentioned below.  One of the good thing about this drink is you can avoid some of the disadvantages of metamucil.

Shokumotsu Seni Tappuri Aojiru from Kagome is a mixed vegetable and fruit dietary fibre beverage with a blend of three kinds of vegetable and three kinds of fruit juice.

This breaks down as spinach, carrot and kale (50%); apple, grape and lemon (48%).

Per 180ml, it has 3.5g dietary fibre (2%), plus added 3.0mg iron and 130mg vitamin C. It contains 58kcal per 100ml.

The 720ml PET bottle is from Toyo Seikan and the company’s sales target up to March 2015 is ¥200m.

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