Precautions While Taking Metamucil or Psyllium

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Through out this site you would find articles about the benefits of psyllium.  Since metamucil contains psyllium same goes for metamucil also.  However there are certain conditions in which you should avoid taking psyllium or follow certain precautions. In this article we will take a look at those conditions.

Precautions While Taking Metamucil or Psyllium

Precautions while Taking Psyllium1. Intestinal Blockage – If you have blockage in the intestines or have hard time swallowing then you should avoid metamucil as it expands after absorbing water.

2. Taking Heart Regulating Medication – Psyllium can interfere with the functioning of heart regulating medication Digoxin.  Hence if you are taking this medication you should avoid psyllium.

3. Low Blood Sugar – If your blood sugar levels are low or you are taking blood sugar lowering medication psyllium can further lower your blood sugar levels which can sometimes be dangerous.

4. Antidepressant Medication – Taking psyllium with antidepressant medication or epilepsy medication reduce their effectiveness.  You should take it psyllium three hours before you take these medications. Same goes for other medications.

5. Ulcers – If you have ulcers then it can increase sometimes aggravate the sores.  Ask your doctor before you take psyllium.

6. For Kids – You should consult your doctor if you plan to give psyllium to your kid. Ideally they should take dietary fibers.  Sometimes Metamucil or Psyllium may not be suitable for kids.

7. Allergy to Psyllium – If you are allergic to psyllium you should not take metamucil.

8. Gas – Metamucil or psyllium or for that matter fibers cause gas in the guts as bacteria feed on fiber. If you already suffer from gas problems increase the dosage slowly.

Apart from the above list make sure that you take lot of water (around one glass for a table spoon of metamucil of psyllium).

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