Precautions While Using Gum Acacia

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In a recent article we mentioned about Fibregum which is a dietary fiber supplement based on Gum Acacia. It is an excellent source of soluble fiber and containing up to 90% fiber. This fiber is extracted from Acacia tree which grows in Sub Saharan Africa. Since it is soluble fiber it means that it easily dissolves in water.

Many people take Acacia as medicine to reduce their cholesterol levels and to reduce their excess weight. This is a common property of most fiber products as fiber helps in both weight loss as well as improving heart health. Acacia is also used in pharmaceutical industry as ingredient in many medications for throat or stomach inflammation. It is also used as filming agent in peel-off skin masks.

Apart from this Gum Acacia is also used in food industry as stabilizing agent in variety of foods ranging from cookies to gelatin and ice creams.

How it works?

Since Acacia is a good source of dietary fiber it creates a feeling of satiety and helps avoid over eating and junk food. Fiber also traps cholesterol and eliminates it from the body through the stool. This leads to weight loss and reduced cholesterol levels.

 Some Precautions While Using Gum Acacia

Some of the studies show that Acacia and Amoxicillin do not go well together. Acacia can prevent the absorption of the antibiotic Amoxicillin (Sold as Amoxin and Trimox) into the body. So if you are taking this antibiotic for some infection avoid taking Acacia around four hours before or after the dose. This way you will get the benefit of the antibiotic as well as Acacia.

In some people Acacia can cause bloating and nausea as these are some of the known side effects of fiber.

Many doctors also advise against taking any supplements including Acacia if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Although there are no known problems for pregnant ladies doctors try to play it safe are ask you to avoid it.

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