Relation Between Intestines Function and Constipation

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In the last post on importance of Liver and how to keep it healthy we saw the role Liver plays in digestion and how it is vital to our overall health and well being. In this article let us have a look at the role of intestines in digestion and elimination of food.

Role of Intestines in Our Health

Intestine is the most important organ in the entire digestive system. Intestine is composed of two parts which are called small Intestine and Large Intestine. The main function of the intestine is to absorb the nutrients from the food which we eat.

Once the nutrients have been absorbed from the food, the intestine also pushes the remains of the food towards the colon for elimination. If nutrients from food cannot be absorbed properly you will become weak and also develop illnesses and on the other hand if the food remains are not eliminated then our body will not be able to throw out the toxins and toxins will soon start entering the blood stream which will cause problems in other organs such as Kidney and Livers and can lead to many diseases.

How Intestines Function

Intestine is divided into two parts small intestines and large intestine. However when we consider their lengths small intestine is longer than the large intestine. Small intestine is around 20 feet long and the large intestine is around 5 feet long. Small intestine is connected from the stomach and it is coiled in the center of the abdomen.

When we eat the food and it reaches the small intestines for further digestion it secretes hormone called secretin which tells the Pancreas to release insulin in the blood stream so the the glucose release from the carbohydrates can be absorbed into the cells. The main function of the small intestine is to absorb the nutrients and minerals found in food.  Some portion of food can’t be absorbed by our body.  These are known as dietary fiber and they play important role in our well being.

When the food passes from the stomach to the small intestine the digestive process has already started and further chemical breakdown of the food happens here. The breakdown of food happens with the help of various enzymes which are secreted in response to food reaching the intestines. Once the food is broken down the nutrients are absorbed from the intestinal wall into the blood stream from which they are transported to various parts of the body.

Small intestine leads to large intestine which plays important part in absorbing the water from the food remains, houses hundreds of bacteria which help in creating several vitamins and also preparing the remaining food for elimination by compacting feces, and storing fecal matter in the rectum until it can be discharged.

The large intestine does not absorb nutrients from the food but converts the unabsorbed fibers in fatty acids and also absorbing the Vitamins such as Vitamin K produced by the bacteria residing inside it.

Relation Between Constipation And Lethargic Intestines

One of the major reasons for Constipation is lethargic intestines. The food is not absorbed properly and also it is not pushed out properly for elimination. When this happens for considerable amount of time it is start of constipation.

if you do not take proper care it can then lead to chronic constipation. Once you start suffering from chronic constipation it is very difficult situation and also quite difficult to cure.

Usually the starting point is pointless eating and lack of exercise in general. We keep on gulping down anything we fancy and expect our digestive organs to support our bad eating habits all the time. However there is a limit the body can take it and it starts getting more inefficient and starts to slow down. Since intestines are the organs from which the food is definitely going to pass through this organs starts getting affected more and more.

The enzymes which are needed for digestion are not produced optimally and the peristaltic movement which pushes the food forward also slows down. The food tends to stay in the intestines for a longer duration and starts to rot and starts sticking to the walls of the intestine.

Longer the food stays in the intestines more water content it loses and that makes it harder and more difficult to push out of the body. This is the starting point for constipation. Once you are constipation and do not take quick action to get relief then this will increase the problem exponentially.

What Should You Do When Facing Constipation

So the first thing to do when you face constipation is to take some laxative like Miralax as well as  control the food intake. Start taking more fruits and various food options which are mentioned at many places in this web site. You can also go for some of natural constipation remedies which can be found here.

Once you get rid of the initial constipation make sure that you maintain health lifestyle which should include proper balance of healthy food, right amount of exercise and good amount of fluid, preferably water intake. If you take care of these simple tips you will not only be able to keep your intestine healthy but also be able to keep many diseases including constipation at bay.

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