Reviews of Citrucel By Real Users

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CitrucelCitrucel is the brand name for a bulk-forming laxative known as methyl cellulose.  It is a water-soluble white powder and dissolves in cold water, forming a clear viscous solution or gel.  It is taken orally like most medication.  In this article we wanted to showcase some of the reviews received from users of Citrucel.

Citrucel has mainly picked up positive reviews from its consumers. Amazon houses a large number of happy and satisfied customers. Of course, Citrucel has attracted its fair share of angry, dissatisfied users as well.  Here are two of the reviews we think present the opposite sides of arguments for and against Citrucel.

One Positive Review of Citrucel

One consumer said –

I was showing signs of irritable bowel syndrome. I used to complain to my physician’s assistant every year during my physical, but he never prescribed anything for it. I was talking to a co-worker and she told me that she had the same problem after having her gall bladder removed. It was pretty bad for me on a daily basis.”

She continued  – “I was afraid of even going out to eat with co-workers because I was worried about making it back to the office before having to use the bathroom. Anyway, my co-worker told me about Citrucel so I bought a jar of the powdered stuff. The effect was immediate and positive. It calmed my stomach and bowel right down. No more cramps and gas. I can take it mixed with water after every meal and have had no ill effects whatsoever. I recently had to go out of town for a wedding so I bought the caplets. They performed just like the powder.

Negative Experience Of Citrucel

While another consumer said, “I personally had severe problems with this product. I suffered from constipation, and this did help with that. However, it did not soften the stools, and I have been noticing increasing pain and bleeding with each bowl movement, as well as intense stomach/intestinal cramping. I drink a lot of water everyday, so I do not believe it is that. Now I cannot go to the bathroom without biting my hand in order to keep from crying in pain. There is almost always bleeding. I’m afraid I might have ruptured something, and have to go to the doctor now.

If it turns out this is an unrelated issue, I will come back and change my review. However, I have only had this excruciating bowl movement since I started using Citrucel, which is unfortunate. But between constipation and tearing and bleeding, I’ll go with constipation, but hopefully it will not come to that. I will try another fiber alternative that will not cause impactions/cramping.

Edit: I did go to the doctor, and she said I was having impactions, probably due to Citrucel. She told me to try Metamucil instead, but I’m going with a more “natural” approach. I know I said I ate dried prunes before, and while that did work, they have a ton of sugar in them. So now I’m eating lots of other fruits such as berries, green leafy veggies, and whole grains (I already wasn’t eating meat and kicked dairy back out of my diet). There has been NO MORE bleeding, and bowel movements are no longer painful or difficult. Anyone with chronic constipation, I implore you to eating lots of produce and whole grains before going the chemical/pharmaceutical route. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Our Take on the Reviews – It is advisable to speak to your doctor before you take medication or any supplements. Many people have some medical conditions which can make some supplements bad for them.  In some cases it can become dangerous.  So if you suffer from any medical condition you should always talk to your health care provider.

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