Secret Foods Of Skinny People

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If you are a over weight person and envy your skinny friends then do not worry.  Here are some insider information on what to consume so that you can easily shed some of the flab and become healthier.  Generally it is thought that skinny people survive on raw vegetable or consume very less foods.  Surprisingly, it is not all celery and carrots and nor do you need to starve yourself.


Skinny people consume high-fiber oatmeal or maybe homemade granola during the mornings, knowing they can kickstart their metabolism and keeping them full well until lunch. One study showed that people who consumed fewer than six grams of dietary fiber every day got eight pounds more compared with those who ate at least 11 grams, on a 10-year period. (For context, one bowl of oatmeal that is topped with a small banana and some sliced almonds gives you about 11 grams of dietary fiber.) Other studies have also found that overweight ones who consume oat-based foods tend to reduce weight compared with those who do not, mainly because oats help fight food cravings.

Chili peppers

Scientists based in Purdue University found that those who add cayenne red pepper to their meals reported fewer hunger cravings for salty, sweet, and fatty, foods. Other research studies have found that the capsaicin present in chili peppers actually boosts metabolism.


When skinny people get hungry and want some snacking, they go and munch a handful of nuts. A New England Journal of Medicine research study showed that those who regularly eat nuts were more slender compared with those who did not. Rich in fiber and protein, nuts can fill you up as well as ward off hunger pangs. Try peanuts, almonds, or pistachios.


Studies substantiate this fact up: Studies found that those who consume low- or non-fat dairy products at least two times a day were about 37 percent less likely to become overweight or obese, compared with people who only ate them less than or equal to one instance month. High calcium levels in milk and yogurt help in the regulation of fat metabolism, and raise the amount of released fat. Previous studies also established a connection between increased dairy consumption and weight loss, particularly belly fat.


A research study published in Nutrition Journal showed that people who consumed half an avocado at lunch were feeling full longer plus had less desire to consume more afterward, compared with those people who skipped out on the fruit. The fruit’s healthy monounsaturated fats also help keep blood sugar levels relatively stable, which is a factor to fighting hunger.

Green Tea

Instead of soda or coffee, skinny people sip green tea regularly. One Japanese study showed that people who drank five cups of green tea per day significantly lost more weight, particularly belly fat, compared with those who drank only about one cup, thanks to green tea’s high level of catechins. These compounds are credited for raising the amount of energy the body uses, helping you lose extra body fat.

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