Single Reason Why Brown Rice Is Better Than White Rice

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Now a days there is a ongoing debate on the benefits of eating white rice vs brown rice. The general consensus is that brown rice is better and healthier alternative to white rice.

Till some years back there were handful of people who used to advocate brown rice. However number of people who are consuming brown rice has increased significantly in matter of last few years.

One study says that people who eat brown rice are 60 % less like to have diabetes where as people having white rice have many times more chances of getting diabetes.

So what is the reason?  Although there are many reasons, the number one reason is Fiber.  So how does fiber makes brown rice so much better?

Reasons Brown Rice is Better Than White Rice

As mentioned above the major difference why brown rice is better is the presence of more fiber as compared to the white rice.  White rice is nothing but polished rice and it tastes much better than brown rice.

If the Brown Rice is Better Alternative the polishing is not done and some part of the skin remains which ensures that it contains more nutrients and fiber.  In other words brown rice is less processed rice which has its barn intact.  As we have seen in so many articles on this site, avoiding too much processed foods can make you much healthier over time.

Here are some reasons why brown rice is a better choice.

Fiber Help – The fiber content in the brown rice makes it easier for your body to eliminate waste and like any good fiber producing ingredient it helps you fell fuller and satiated for a long time.  This helps you avoid weight gains.

Slower Rise in Blood Sugar – White rice has more easily digestible form of carbohydrates, but brown rice carbohydrates do not increase the blood sugar levels so fast.   If you have brown rice regularly you can prevent falling prey to diabetes or keep your diabetes under control.

More Minerals – Since it is not polished much it retains most of the minerals such as Selenium and Manganese which play vital role in your body.  Many vitamins are also lost while processing the rice into white rice.  The barn or the outer covering of the brown rice contains oil which is helpful in lowering LDL cholesterol.

It Fulfills Whole Grain Needs – Brown Rice can be considered as a whole grain.  As we have seen whole grains are one of the healthiest sources of fiber.

If you are used to white rice you would find it difficult to switch to brown rice.  The secret is to take it in small quantities and getting used to it gradually.  Gradually you will start liking it and then you can increase its quantity.

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