Some Natural Remedies For Constipation

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If you are suffering from constipation and want to get rid of constipation using natural remedies read this post carefully.  In this post we will go through some of the remedies which are using natural ingredients which can ease your constipation problem.

Almond Oil For Constipation Relief

Are you also suffering from dry skin and at the same time having the misfortune of suffering from constipation? Are you tired of Dandruff or rapid hair fall?  Do not worry. There is a single herbal cure for all these maladies in form of Badam Rogan or Almond oil. Badam Rogan or Almond oil has many many health benefits.

Almond is a great food option with many benefits and contains food fiber as well as many other nutrients.  Almond oil is a great remedy for problems right from head to the feet literally. Almond oil not only keeps the hair healthy but also keeps the skin healthy and can be used for getting relief when you suffer from constipation problems also.

Badam Rogan is a herbal treatment for constipation and has been recommended as effective solution for many problems by Swami Ramdev who is a famous Yoga guru and Ayurvedic medicine advocate. This oil is highly recommended herbal treatment and frequently recommended by grandmothers.  The benefits of almond oil is usually passed on from generation to generation. It is important that we preserve the knowledge of our elders and also take full benefit from their knowledge to keep our self healthy and well with minimum cost and maximum chances of getting benefited. Let us see what are the benefits of almond oil and what are its other health benefits.

Badam Rogan(Almond Oil) For Constipation Relief

For constipation relief almond oil has been found to be quite effective.  For this you need to take 1 teaspoon of almond oil with a glass of milk in the evening before you go to bed.  If you take this for one to two weeks you will definitely get relief from bowel problems and also be able to avoid constipation even if you do not have this problem in the first place.

How Does Badam Rogan Help in Constipation

Almond oil or Badam rogan works in several ways.  Usually oils have an lubricating effect once they reach the intestines.  When you drink the milk mixed with the almond oil it and it reaches the digestive system it coats the intestines lightly and prevents any substances from sticking to the intestines.  When food start sticking to the intestines it can start rotting and also prevents free flow of the food in the intestinal passage and aggravates the constipation problem.

The food sticking to the intestines also starts producing gas and other toxins which causes many other health problems.  Almond oil stimulates the Liver into producing bile which also helps in washing the intestines.

Almond oil is also a good source of mineral Magnesium which is very essential for proper digestion and lack of mineral have been known to cause digestive problems as well as constipation among other problems.  For more information read the article Importance of Magnesium in Digestive Health.  This oil also contains Calcium mineral which is also important for digestive function.

Other good oils for constipation relief are Castor oil and Olive Oil. Castor Oil has a strong action in getting the bowels totally clear and washes away all the residues where as Badam Rogan is more subtle in action and acts over a period of time. For more information on Castor oil read the article Castor Oil for Constipation Relief. Olive oil is more used as cooking medium and it is generally considered as one of the best cooking mediums. Olive oil also acts in a subtle manner and is also good for joint pains and abdomen health.

Other Health Benefits of Almond Oil

Almond oil is also useful for the head in many ways.  It contains Vitamin E in large quantities which is useful for us.  Regularly massaging the scalp with Almond oil will solve the problem of dandruff and also hair fall.  Massage the scalp in the night slowly and then in the morning wash the head with shampoo.  Ensure that washing is done completely and no shampoo residue is left on the scalp. Do this two to three times a week.  Within a short time you will see great benefits in the hair health.  To make it more beneficial you can add Amla juice.  Amla is also great for hair health and adding it to Almond oil make it even more potent.

Epsom Salt For Constipation Relief and Health Solution

Epsom salt is a very common and cheap commodity sold in many stores. Although many of you may not be aware it is usually available in big packets lying on the store shelves and comes quite cheap. The ways this salt lies around lazily on the shelves of the many stores and considering how cheaply it is available to us, may surprised you when you learn the many health benefits it offers. In my opinion it would be foolish not to take advantage of by all of us.

Epsom salt is a generalized name for this salt which is another name for Magnesium Sulphate and it was originally extracted from a place called Epsom in England.

This compound is commonly used in agriculture to add magnesium supplement in the soil for the crops which require magnesium in more quantity. For example it is quite commonly used in crops like potato, tomato and pepper etc.

Epsom Salt as Natural Constipation Remedy

One of the useful ways Epsom salt can also be used is as as an effective laxative. While many constipation remedies may require prescription but Epsom salt can be bought over the counter.

For taking Epsom salt for constipation relief take one teaspoon of this salt and mix in around 100 ml of water. Drink it and soon it should force you to go to the toilet. You can add some lemon or orange juice for taste. Lemon or Orange not only enhances the taste and makes it easier to drink, but it also has another benefit. These citrus fruits also contain Magnesium mineral themselves which is good for constipation and digestive problems.

Usually it will take from 30 mins to few hours to clear the bowels. If the constipation is not chronic you will get very fast relief but if you suffer from chronic constipation then it will take more time to get relief.

As per many naturalists lack of magnesium is one of the reasons of constipation. Epsom salt solves that problem. You can in fact add little of this salt to the common salt to fulfill the magnesium deficiency. Regular intake of this salt when added to common salt will rule out constipation which can happen due to lack on Magnesium mineral.

Magnesium also helps in absorption of Iron from the food which will reduce the chances of Iron supplement which is another known reason for causing of constipation in many people including constipation in pregnant ladies.

Other Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is usually used for treating body aches, sprain and joint pains.  Usually for pain relief you need to mix around 1% to 2% of salt in warm water and soak the body part in the water in it for around 15 minutes to half an hour.  Doing this absorbs magnesium in the body part.

Warm water opens up the pores in the skin and increases the blood flow to the body part which is soaked in it. Any salt dissolves better in warm water and same happens for Epsom salt also. So the combination of warm water and the Magnesium which is absorbed into the body part soothes the muscles and tissues and provides relief from pain and tiredness.

For curing overall tiredness of the body you can take bath in a bathtub filled with water mixed with Epsom salt. When you take the bath in the tub filled with warm water and salt do not be in a hurry to finish. Take your time and be in relaxed mode.  This will give relief to the entire body and all tiredness will be gone once you have finished the bath.

Epsom salt also clears the skin and helps in maintaining healthy skin. The skin pores open up after the bath. Magnesium also helps in taking out toxins from the muscles and the skin gets fresh.  This salt is also used for managing asthma attacks also.  Regular use of this salt in bathing also also keep a person younger looking and full of energy.

Caution on Use of Epsom Salt

Epson salt can pull water from the body into the colon and that is eliminated so you should take lesser quantity and also take lot of water to prevent dehydration.  In some people it can also cause diarrhea.

The best way to have long term solution when using Epsom salt for constipation relief is to take it mixed in common salt as mentioned above. However it can always be taken once in a while on moderate quantities and you can get the various health benefits which are associated with this natural product.

Ajwain or Carrom Seeds for Digestive Health and Constipation Relief

Often in India and other South Asian countries when people overeat and suffer from uneasiness the most common advice given to then is to consume Ajwain seeds. Similarly in case too much  spicy food is consumed causing gas and acidity, chewing half a tea spoon of ajwain seeds can provide relief.

Ajwain is also known as Carron seeds, Ajwain seeds helps in digesting heavy greasy food faster and usually in few hours you will feel hungry again.

Ajwain is a seed which is a commonly available spice and sold at almost all Indian grocery stores and used equally commonly for its digestive properties. It is a great digestive herb and its juices aid your digestive system and ensures easy digestion. It is also an excellent remedy for hyper acidity and those of you who suffer from heart burn, I would suggest that you try this seed.

If you suffer from inflammatory bowel disease or colic pain ajwain seeds will provide you relief in these condition also.

Let us look at how you can take Ajwain for Constipation Relief.

Ajwain for Constipation Relief

Here are some ways Carrom seeds can be consumed for abdomen health and constipation relief as a home remedy.

1. Take around half a teaspoon of ajwain seed.  Roast the seeds on a pan without oil.  Add little rock salt and chew them properly.  Now drink a glass of water.

2. Take one fourth teaspoon of ajwain with Harde powder along with pinch of rock and then drink a glass of water at bed time.

3. Take few drops of Ajwain oil and mix it in water and drink it.  You can also add ginger juice.

Note – Drinking lukewarm water will make the above remedies more effective.

ajwain for constipationAjwain with ginger combination is great for relieving flatulence and gas.  For digestive health you can take ajwain with lemon juice as both aid in digestion.

Another way to improve digestion is to mix little ajwain, black pepper powder, ginger juice and rock salt.  This can help curing indigestion and flatulence and also fight acidity.

Another way to take ajwain is to take the cooled oil of ajwain which is in solid form.  That is known as Ajwain Sat and excellent for dental problems and bad breath.

Using Triphala For Constipation and Overall Health

If you want to opt for some herbal remedy then I would personally like to suggest Triphala for constipation relief as well as weight loss also. I have personally used Triphala many times and not necessarily for constipation problem but also as general tonic. Let me first tell you about Triphala first and then how you can use it.

What is Triphala?

Triphala actually means three fruits in Sanskrit. It is made from dried and powdered fruits which are mainly available in India and surrounding regions. The fruits which are part of Triphala consists of Amla, Baheda and Harde.

Even individually these fruits have tremendous merit and benefits and can help in lot of ailments and when you combine these three fruits together what you get is a beautiful tonic which can keep you healthy and prevent diseases when used regularly.

Amla which is one of the constituent of Trifala can also be eaten as raw fruit and is one of the largest sources of Vitamin C.  Great thing about Amla is it Vitamin is preserved even in dried form.

Uses of Triphala or Trifala

1. Triphala Constipation Relief

Triphala is one of the best home remedies for constipation.  In fact this is one of the most recommended and effective remedy for constipation.  Take one teaspoon of Triphala powder with milk or water in the night and in the morning the bowels will be cleared.

You can also put one teaspoon of Triphala powder in a glass of water at night and leave it overnight.  Have it in the morning when you get up.  That will not only provide relief in constipation but also detoxify you.  If the constipation is too chronic then take two teaspoons of this powder.

2. Triphala for Weight Loss

Triphala is also useful as weight loss remedy.  This tonic detoxifies you and and makes the Liver and other organs function optimally.  It restored the metabolism function of the body and when our metabolism works properly body can get rid of excess fat more efficiently.  Hence Triphala is excellent remedy for weight loss without any side effects.

3. Other Benefits of Triphala

Triphala is also useful for the following –

Complete detoxification
Cures Skin diseases due to detoxification
Improves Liver function
Provides many useful minerals needed by the body
Reduces Cholesterol
It rejuvenates and heals
Removes Unwanted Fat
It is also useful against HIV and inhibits this virus
Effective in Cancer
Has antibacterial function
Useful in Eye diseases if you use mix the powder over night in water and then wash the eyes with the filtered water.  It cures conjunctivitis also.
Helps in having good hair health.

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