3 Tasty Coconut Recipes

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Coconut is great food to have regularly.  Coconuts are great source of nutrients and dietary fiber. However many people do not know how to consume it.  Those who live on the coasts love coconut however those in the mainland may miss out on this great nut due to lack of knowledge.  In this article we will share three videos which use coconut as the primary ingredient which can be easily tried at home.

One of the way to eat coconut is to make Chutney and then use it as condiment.  Chutney is a word used in Indian sub continent for anything which is grated or in a paste form.  There can be many variations of Chutneys depending on the ingredients used.

Coconut chutneys are very popular in southern India where coconuts are produced the most.  There are many ways to prepare this recipe.  Usualy coconut chutneys are eaten in combination with South India dishes like Idli or Dosa which are primarily made from rice.

Here is an interesting video which teaches how to prepare coconut chutney.  Interesting part is the chef also teaches two unique way to break the coconut in such a manner that the nut is separated from the shell.

The second recipe is very popular one.  It is called Coconut Laddoo.  Coconuts are also used to make many sweet dishes which are consumed during festivals.  This recipe is very tasty and those who have a sweet tooth will find it delicious.  If you do not want to use sugar you can use Stevia which is a healthier option.

The third dish is a baked dish and it is called Coconut Macaroons.  This recipe uses eggs and sugar.  Here also you can replace sugar with Stevia powder if you want.

Here is the link to the video.

Hope you enjoy these videos and get inspired to use more coconut in your home.

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