Tasty Oatmeal Recipe Full of Fiber

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Oatmeals are great source of dietary fiber.  In fact many studies including a study done by Louisiana State University showed that Oatmeal breakfasts helps in controlling weight gains and improves your heart health.

Most people have them during breakfast time with milk or warm water.  However the problem I face is the monotonous taste of oatmeals.  Usually some sugar is added to make it taste better. That is the reason most people are not able to stick to this wonderful food for a long time.  Unless you have a great determination you may also think about switching to tastier breakfast.

That is about to change…

A Tasty Oatmeal Breakfast

Let me introduce your to a tasty Oatmeal breakfast which is essentially prepared the Indian style of cooking.  This can be eaten and relished by people of all ages.  The best part of this recipe is it is not sweet.  It is salty which is a good change for those who do not like to eat the sweet oatmeal recipe.

This dish can be called Oatmeal Upma.  Upma is a Indian dish made specifically in southern India.  It is made from semolina but we will make it with Oats.

Recipe For Oatmeal Upma

I.5 cups of Oatmeals.

1/4 medium size onion sliced thinly.

I teaspoon of mustard seeds.

1 table spoon of oil (If possible use olive oil)

3 to 4 curry leaves.(You will get these in South Asian grocery stores).

Salt to Taste

Handful of frozen peas.  You can also add any other vegetables cut into small pieces.

How to Prepare

Oatmeal UpmaHeat a pan on the gas and add the oil.  When the oil is hot add the mustard seeds.  When the mustard seeds start spluttering, add the onion, salt and the veggies along with the curry leaves.

After cooking for around 4 to 5 minutes add around 2 cups of water in the pan.

Let the water start boiling.  Taste the water to make sure the salt is right.  If water is not enough salty add some salt.  In the boiling water add the oats and mix it well with the veggies and onions.  Let it cook for 1 to 2 minutes and your Oatmeal Upma is ready.

You can also add cashews or raisins or other nuts like peanuts or shredded almonds as per your taste.  The aroma provided by curry leaves is really tempting and everybody at your home would love it.

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