The Best Fiber Supplements for Children

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As a parent it can be frustrating when trying to understand why your child is constipated. Each child’s dietary needs are different from each other, such as an average amount of milk for one child could be too much for another and will cause the other child to have constipation. Another main factor that can contribute to constipation is by having infrequent bowel movements.

This can occur when a child has a large painful bowel movement, which will cause your child to hold in stool to keep from feeling pain. This will create a painful cycle for the child, because their stool will be larger, harder and be more painful when they do have a bowel movement. A common behavior of straining that is mistaken as constipation in a child is actually them just stiffening their muscle to keep from having a painful movement.

Some Diseases Which Cause Constipation

Constipation is also commonly found in children with disabilities such as spina bifida, Down syndrome, mental retardation and cerebral palsy. Other contributing factors in constipation with children can be from side effects from medication and a bad experience with potty training. It is recommended to speak with the child’s pediatrician before starting a regiment of fiber supplements especially when dealing with constipation in infants.

Newborns to 18 months of age have to be carefully evaluated by their pediatrician’s.  Poor feeding can lead to dehydration and constipation from the infant’s feeding habits. Medications that are used to treat infants with constipation are usually limited to colace, maltsupex, lacunose and glycerin suppository.

Best Fiber Supplements for Your Child

Smarty Pants Kids Fiber Complete Gummies

Ÿ  The only multivitamin with Omega 3, Vitamin D3, fiber and no sugar added gummy on the market.

Ÿ  An excellent source of soluble fiber contains 4 grams of fiber in a serving, which helps with regularity

Ÿ  Great taste with natural lemon, orange and strawberry banana flavors.

Little Tummy’s Yummy Fiber Gummies

Ÿ  Is non-medicated and not a laxative product.

Ÿ  Natural fruit flavor and color

Ÿ  Gluten free

Ÿ  Aids in digestion

Ÿ  No artificial flavors or dyes

Pedia-Lax Fiber Gummies Daily Fiber Supplement

Ÿ  2 grams of per gummy

Ÿ  Helps promote regularity

Ÿ  Sugar free and zero calories

Ÿ  Dentist approved

Ÿ  Gluten free

Ÿ  Natural fruits flavors

Your Child’s Diet

Along with a good fiber supplement modifying your child’s diet will help regularity. This means decreasing foods that cause constipation such as cow’s milk, bananas, yogurt, cheese, cooked carrots and other foods that are low in fiber. Another way is to increase the amount of fibers foods the child’s, which are in fruits, vegetables and grains. The amount of fiber a child needs is 6 grams plus their age.  Which means if your kid is 8 years old he or she will need 14 grams of fiber.

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