The Top 5 Benefits of Guar Gum

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Guar beans is a legume which is grown in large quantities in western India and Pakistan.  Some experts believe that is originated in Africa and later got domesticated in India and Pakistan. Guar  is grown in these two countries for many centuries.  Guar gum is consumed in many parts of the world as staple food.  This plant is also popularly used as cattle feed.

guar gum benefitsOne of the products from Guar is Guar Gum.  Guar gum is a fiber which is produced from the seeds of the guar beans.  Guar gum has multiple uses or benefits in health.

Here are the top five benefits of Guar Gum

1. Laxative.  Guar gum acts as natural laxative.  Guar gum contains Galactomannan which increases the viscosity of the substance in which it is mixed.  The fiber in Guar gum is water soluble and bulk forming.  When you take guar gum the stool becomes smoother as it absorbs water and passes easily and smoothly through the intestines.  It also helps in other conditions such as diverticulitis, IBS and Colitis.

2. Fights Obesity. Since it is viscous and contains fiber it can be mixed with other foods. Foods which are mixed with guar gum powder become more filling and reduce hunger.  It acts as a filler in foods hence reducing their caloric value.  Taking guar gums also helps you to achieve your fiber requirements.  Ideally you take fiber rich foods every day or fiber supplements so as to reach the daily goal of 35 grams per day.  When you do this, you gradually eat less harmful foods as craving are reduced.  Due to this you would be able to shed extra weight.

3. Beneficial for Diabetes. Foods in which guar gum is added are better for diabetics.  The reason for this is guar gum reduces the digestibility of food hence lowering the glycemic index of foods. High glycemic index means faster growth in blood sugar levels which is bad for diabetics.  Guar gum does not let the blood sugar levels rise fast.  When the blood sugar rises slowly you body is better equipped to absorb the rise in sugar and does not need to produce insulin spike in your blood stream.

4. Improves heart health. Guar gum reduces the bad cholesterol which is also known as LDL.  When the bad cholesterol levels are reduced it prevents the blockage and also stops hardening or arteries.  This double benefit improves your heart health.  Usually diabetes patients suffer problems in the heart also.  When the blood sugar levels remain in control it also helps in having healthier heart.  When it it taken with pectin the benefits increase.

5. Can Be Used in Many Recipes.  You can add guar gum in many recipes such as ice creams, gravies, puddings or salads and soups as thickener and a binder.  It improves the taste and also provides health benefits associated with fiber.  One of the reasons it is added in ice creams is it does not allow the formation of ice crystals and at the same time does not allow the ice cream to melt easily.  One of the good brands is Bob’s Red Mill Guar Gum, 8 oz which you can buy online from Amazon.

Apart from the above it has also been observed to be beneficial in IBS and diarrhea and may reduce stomach pain.

If you are taking this as fiber supplement then take around 8 oz of water as is the norm for most fiber supplement since fiber absorb water in the stomach.

If you have narrow food pipe or obstruction in the intestines then avoid taking it without asking your doctor.

Guar gum consumption may interfere with absorption of some medications.


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