Top 10 Fruits and Vegetables Which You Should Eat For Vitamin C

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If you are health conscious person the most common Vitamin which you frequently hear about is Vitamin C.  It is one of the most commonly discussed nutrients in magazines and many popular health blogs including this blog.

Vitamin C shot to prominence when British nave discovered indirectly that this nutrient can be used to cure Scurvy.  Before this discovery scurvy was one of the most common diseases those days among the sailors.

If you are adult male you would need around 99 mg of Vitamin C where as females need 75 mg of Vitamin C everyday.  As you read further it will be clear to you that you do need to take good amount of Vitamin C everyday.

Health Benefits of Vitamin C

The health benefits of Vitamin C is not restricted to curing Scurvy.  It has many other health benefits.  Let’s see the other health benefits of Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is vital for bone and teeth health.  It also helps in healing cuts and wounds.  Vitamin C is also known as L-ascorbic acid. It is a water-soluble vitamin.

The main problem is humans can’t product Vitamin C.  We need to eat foods which contain Vitamin C.  Since it is one of the essential nutrient you should be aware of the health benefits and the foods which contain this Vitamin.  Hence we are providing this information in this article.

Great Skin and bone structure

Your body need Vitamin C to product a protein called Collagen.  Collagen is used by our body to keep the skin healthy, elastic and tight.  In fact collagen is used in many skin cosmetics.  It also reduces stretch marks.

Collagen helps in keeping the bone and the joints healthy.  It also helps in increasing your muscle mass.


Vitamin C can act against the free radicals.  Think of free radicals as molecules which can cause damage to our cells and tissue when they are in too much quantity.  Damage caused by free radicals can cause many diseases.

Since Vitamin C helps your body to act against free radicals it helps you develop immunity.  The most common protection Vitamin C provides is protection against common cold and cough.  It also slows aging since free radicals can damage the DNA in the cells which can increase the aging rate.

Other Health Benefits

Apart from the above two there are many other benefits of Vitamin C as per University of Maryland.  Some of the benefits such as improved heart health, anti cancer properties, controlling high blood pressure, osteoarthritis relief,  age-related Macular Degeneration and asthma,

Top 10 Fruits and Vegetables with Vitamin C


papaya with Vitamin C

Papaya is a sweet fruit with soft flesh great flavor.  Millions of people all over the world love papaya due to Its sweetness and taste. It is one of the most popular fruit snacks available.

Papayas have 1.7g of fiber per 100 g and they just contain 43 calories per 100 grams.  A medium papaya contains 168 mg of Vitamin C which is more than your daily requirements of 100 mg.

Bell Peppers

bell peppers photoYou may be surprised to know that Bell Peppers which is also known as Capsicum in many countries is actually a fruit scientifically.  They are native to central and south america but equally relished in every corner of our globe.  They spread through Spain to Europe and then to other parts of the world.

1 cup of bell pepper has 117 mg of Vitamin C.  The attractive colors of bell peppers make them a favorite in many recipes and salads.  Many of the curries get their bright color from bell peppers.


broccoliDid you know that Broccoli was created by Italians around 2000 years ago.  Now Broccoli is one of the most popular vegetables among veggie lovers for the benefits it offers.  This crunchy vegetable is full of nutrients some of which are as follows.

1 cup of broccoli contains around 101 mg of Vitamin C which is more than your daily requirement.  On top of this you will also get Vitamin K which is essential for your bone health.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprout photoBrussels sprout is a vegetable which is close to the cabbage family.  They belong to same family of vegetables like Kale and Broccoli.  This vegetable is very popular is Brussels Belgium but it is of Mediterranean origin.

Ray Brussels sprouts are considered as excellent source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K.  100 grams of Brussels sprout can provide you with 85 mg of Vitamin C.  You will also get 150% of your daily requirement of Vitamin K from 100 grams of this vegetable.

They also contain a phytochemical called Sulforaphane which is known for its anti cancer property.  If you want to preserve this phytochemical then you should not boil it.  You can steam or stir fry them.


Strawberries photoI can bet that even if you have eaten this fruit you have surely eaten either ice cream or cake which contains this flavor.  I am talking about Strawberry here.

Strawberry has attractive color, aroma, juicy texture and sweetness. It is extremely popular fruit. The variety which we eat normally is known as garden Strawberry.  It was grown in France in the 18th century.

Strawberry contains around 60 mg of Vitamin C and they have anti cancer and anti inflammatory properties due to the phytochemicals present in Strawberries.


Photo by daveyllIf you are a fruit lover it is highly likely that you love pineapples.  Pineapples are tasty and sweet and very popular fruit.  They are originally from South America and now grown and eaten all over the world.

I cup of pineapple contains around 79 mg of Vitamin C.  Pineapple can be eaten in many forms such as smoothie, slices, salad or juice.

Like other bright colored fruits and vegetables pineapples are also full of phytochemicals and anti inflammatory properties which can help you prevent many inflammation related diseases.


Oranges are sweet and tangy and it is full of many nutrients.  Orange juice is one of the most popular fruit juice sold in super markets. They have mix of sweet and tangy taste.  They are from lemon citrus fruit.  100 grams of Orange can provide you around 64 % of daily requirements of Vitamin C.


Kiwifruit photoKiwis are small fruits which are brown in color on outside has a bright green flesh.  This fruit has a sweet and tangy taste.  You will be surprised to know that just a single kiwi fruit contains 70 mg of Vitamin C.  It also contains 8% of daily fiber requirement.

Best way to eat Kiwi is to just eat them as it is.  One of the most popular ways to eat Kiwi fruit is in form of smoothie.


Cantaloupes have sweet and distinct flavor which can cause the entire house to smell great when you cut them.  1 cup of Cantaloupe can contain around 78% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C.  It also contain 30% of Vitamin A requirement.


Just 1 cup of Cauliflower can provide you 73% of you daily requirement of Vitamin C.  Cauliflower can be eaten in many ways.  For example you can eat them steamed, fried, boiled, roasted or in pickled form.  They can also be eaten in curry form also.

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