What Are The Dangers of Taking Too Much Psyllium Husk?

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Psyllium Husk is a non-man made natural fiber, which is extracted from the plant called Plantago Ovata that produces tiny gel coated seeds. Plantago Ovata is a basis of soluble or gelatinous fiber that forms a thick gelatin paste in the stomach. This reaction can help to slow down the digestion system giving an individual a sensation of being full. Psyllium husk taken in large excess amounts can cause serious problems and unpleasant symptoms. Before taking psyllium husk it is recommended to discuss this decision with your physician to make sure you take the appropriate dose.

Affects From Certain Medications

Psyllium husk is used to promote is passage of food intake to be sluggish through the intestines. This can be harmful to individuals that take other medications that depend on a certain digestion time to have effectiveness. If you are someone that has to take other medications, it is important to take psyllium husk two to four hours before taking other medicines. This will keep the side effects of a sluggish digestive tract adhering to the effectiveness of your other medications.

Getting Accustomed to Psyllium Husk

When taking psyllium husk the body does not completely digest the added fiber until the body gets use to the extra amount added to the diet. When adding psyllium husk do not increase dosages to fast or ingest too much at one time because it will cause problems. The side effects that occur in the digest tract can be gas and bloating from the body bacteria producing excess gas.

The bacterium produces the excess gas because of the shock of the extra fiber and trying to get use to it. By not drinking enough fluids with psyllium husk you could start experiencing constipation and this side effect is very unpleasant. Constipation occurs because the soluble fiber must absorb water to prove effective. Without 8 or more glasses of water a day your stools can become hard, dry and very difficult to pass.

Severe Symptoms That Can Occur

Severe side effect symptoms can occur when to much psyllium husk is ingested. These side effects can range from vomiting, severe stomach pain, rectal bleeding or severe constipation that last more than seven days. If you experience any of these side effects from taking psyllium husk reporting to your physician immediately is highly recommended.

Recommended Dosage

Even though you should listen to the advice of a physician provider concerning your psyllium husk intake, beginning with a small dose of ½ tsp. with 8oz. Glass of water would be safe. This will help your body to start getting use to the added fiber.

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