What Are The Side Effects of Citrucel

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Citrucel is one of the popular laxatives which is sold in the market.  Fiber is divided into two groups Soluble and Insoluble.  Soluble fiber dissolves in water and insoluble fiber does not dissolve in the water.  Both the fiber have their own advantages and disadvantages but the common thing between them is both are derived from plants parts such as leaf, vegetables, fruits and seeds.

What Is the Main Ingredient of Citrucel?

The main ingredient of Citrucel is cellulose which is extracted from the plants and seeds.  Cellulose is present primarily in the cell wall of the plant cells.  It is the most commonly available organic polymer on Earth.  Citrucel is prepared by treating Citrucel chemically so that it is easier to digest.  The end product is Methyl cellulose.

Is There Any Side Effects of Citrucel?

The major side effect of Citrucel is dehydration.  Methyl Cellulose absorbs of lot of water. In fact it absorbs much more water than Psyllium which is the major ingredient of Metamucil.  If you do not take enough water you can get dehydrated.

What are the Advantages of Citrucel?

The major advantage of Citrucel over Psyllium based fiber supplements is it does not ferment in the intestine and because of that it does not produce gas and bloating.


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