What Are the Side Effects of Metamucil

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Metamucil is one of the most popular over the counter laxative.  But its uses are not restricted to just acting as a laxative. There are several other benefits of Metamucil. But you may ask if there are any side effects of Metamucil. The answer to you question is – Yes. In this article we will explore the side effects of Metamucil.  Remember – The core ingredient of Metamucil is Psyllium husk. Hence the same side effects are also caused by Psyllium husk and Isabgol.

Side Effects of Metamucil and Isabgol

There are some common side effects and adverse reaction of taking this fiber which are mentioned below –

1. Over Reliance – If you suffer from constipation you would see great benefit when you take metamucil or psyllium husk.  Many people end up thinking that this is a easy solution for slow bowel movements and start taking psyllium as soon as they have even little difficulty in passing stool. As with most laxative, when you take if very frequently the intestines lose their natural ability to push the stool out. This can cause major problems in the future.  The best way to take it is once a week even when the bowels are good so that bowels are clean and healthy and constipation cannot take root at all.

2. Chocking of Bowels – This can be caused if the amount of water is not sufficient.  Psyllium absorbs water – when you take it, you should drink more amount of water.

3. Allergy – Some people may be allergic to Psyllium.  Such people may develop lot of symptoms including bloating of the stomach, abdomen pain, vomiting, pain in the chest region and blood in stool. Some people can develop serious allergy and it can cause reactions like swelling in the face and mouth, difficulty in breathing, irritation, rashes and swelling in the esophagus which make swallowing of food difficult. Remember that such reactions are very rarely seen, but you should be aware of this so that you can be careful.

4. Diarrhea – If you take too much quantity it can cause diarrhea and you may need to visit the toilet many times.  If this happen you should take it seriously and take oral mixture of salt and sugar water which will maintain the hydration in your body.

5. Other Minor Side Effects – Some other side effects can include headaches, cramps in the stomach region and bloated stomach.

6. Reopen Ulcer Wounds – There are some chances that metamucil can reopen woulds from ulcers in the stomach which can cause bleeding. Consult your doctor if you have ulcers and want to take metamucil of psyllium in any form.

The above side effects are all quite rare but possible.  I f you observe the above reaction and do not feel goo you should consult your doctor for treatment.

To avoid the above reactions you can take less quantity and observe the reaction. In any case you should not take more than the prescribed quantity.

Second thing which you can do is to take lot of water so that psyllium is effective and gets sufficient water to act on your body system.

I would again like to remind you that these reactions are very rare but it is always good to be careful and if you feel you do not have the above reactions, you would happy to know that there are lot of benefits of metamucil which out weigh the side effects which we will see in another article.

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