What Are Various Benefits Of Metamucil

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Metamucil is used mainly for the purpose of improving regularity by many people.  But did you know that there are many other benefits of Metamucil which are more more important than just improving regularity?  In this article I would explain the various benefits gained by consumption of metamucil.

1. Regularity of Bowels – This is a no brainer and it is the basic reason most people take metamucil.  Metamucil is a soluble fiber which which forms a gel and also bulk.  It helps retains moisture in the guts and help in bowel movements. Metamucil also contains some portion of non soluble fiber which pushes the waste and helps in elimination.

2. Lowers Cholesterol – Metamucil absorbs cholesterol and eliminates it along with the waste.  Due to this long term consumption reduces cholesterol levels.  This has been proved in many studies including many conducted by reputed universities in their research.  You can see a report from University of Maryland here.

3. Lowers Risk of Heart Diseases – Since accumulation of cholesterol is one of the major reasons for heart diseases, the risk decreases since Metamucil lowers the cholesterol levels.

4. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels – Metamucil has another great benefit where in it can control the blood sugar levels when you take it just before or along with the meals.  This helps those who are diabetic or suffer from high blood sugar levels.

5. Helps Control Weight – Metamucil has been proven to help in controlling weight gain and in long term reduce excess weight can be reduced by taking it regularly.

6. Reduces  Cravings – Taking metamucil before the food helps in controlling your cravings since you would feel full in the stomach.  This indirectly reduces weight as you will eat lesser than what you would eat normally.

7. Fiber Needs – Metamucil can help meet your dietary fiber needs.  Most adults below 50 need around 25 grams of fiber and above 50 years need around 21 grams of fiber.  Metamucil can help supplement your dietary fiber needs.

I hope you would have good idea about some of the benefits of Metamucil.  Metamucil is available in many forms and you can choose the form which is suitable for you.



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