What is Cellulose

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Cellulose is a type of fiber and one of the organic compound found in the plant cells.  It is one of the structural components of plant cells which helps the plants in maintaining their strength. It also stores sugar for the plant’s consumption.  Like pectin, It is present in the cell walls.  It is also one of the most abundant organic material in the earth.

How is Cellulose Beneficial For Us

When we consume Cellulose as part of out food, It acts as insoluble dietary fiber.  Cellulose forms bulk when it comes in contact with water.  This bulk help in cleaning our bowels as it helps in elimination.  If bowels are clean then the chances of constipation are very slim.

Another good part of cellulose is that it cannot be digested by humans so the sugar present in the cellulose is not absorbed by our body.  It has tendency to bind with the toxins present in the intestines and help in preventing cancer of the colon.  It also does not let the blood sugar levels not rise too quickly hence helps patients of type 2 diabetes.

Like other insoluble fiber it lets you feel full for a long time hence reduces your cravings and hunger.

What Are the Sources of Cellulose

Most of the fiber source in the vegetables and fruits are in fact cellulose.  Usually whole grains and brown rice contains lots of cellulose as it is contained in the outer layer of the grain which is also know as bran.

Other Uses of Cellulose

Cellulose is tasteless and odorless.  Cellulose is found the most in cotton and wood pulp and used for making paper and card boards.  They are also used in medicines as fillers and one interesting use in creating cellophane papers.  Now a days they are being considered as alternative energy source.

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