What is Citrucel?

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CitrucelCitrucel is the brand name for a bulk-forming laxative known as methyl cellulose.  It is a water-soluble white powder and dissolves in cold water, forming a clear viscous solution or gel.  It is taken orally like most medication.

Citrucel is not absorbed by the bowels but passes through the digestive system uninterrupted. It draws large amounts of water into the colon, producing a softer and bulkier stool. It is used to treat constipation, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome. Since it absorbs water and potential toxins and increases volume and thickness of the stool, it can also be used to treat diarrhea. Citrucel is used for a quick solution to all these conditions.

Before you start taking Citrucel for any of the above mentioned conditions, talk to your doctor. If you are treating yourself, follow the instructions on the product to the dot. Citrucel is best taken thoroughly mixed in water. Without enough water, you might find it hard to swallow and even choke on it. Also, if enough water does not go into your system along with Citrucel, it will absorb the necessary fluids in your stomach. Citrucel might interfere with the effectiveness of your other medications. Take it at least two hours before you take other medicines, just to be safe. While you drink, be careful that you do not inhale any of the powder on the surface. That sometimes causes allergic reactions in people. Citrucel may be taken with or without food.

The best liquid to mix Citrucel in is water. But you can also take it with juice. Cold liquid works best with Citrucel for proper dispersion. Do not mix it with milk of any other carbonated drink. Citrucel will release the carbon very quickly and you will have an overflowing, fuzzy mess to tend to. Hot drinks such as tea, coffee and cocoa should be avoided for taking Citrucel. The warmth gets in the way of full benefit of your dosage.

There are some important things you ought to remember.

-Do not take Citrucel for more than a week unless your doctor says so.

-Do not take any other laxative while you are on Citrucel. Also, avoid taking too much of it for quicker results. An overdose might deteriorate your condition instead of healing it.

-If you are pregnant or breast feeding your baby, talk to your doctor before taking Citrucel.

-If you have phenylketonuria, don’t take it. Citrucel contains phenylalanine which is harmful for you.

After taking Citrucel, if you experience chest pains, nausea, difficulty swallowing or vomiting, get medical help immediately. It takes as much as 3 days to start working, so don’t worry. But if your condition remains unchanged, or worsens, talk to your doctor. If rectal bleeding occurs, there is something very wrong with your body, so get instant medical help.

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