What is Lignan

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Lignan is an organic polymer which is found in the plant cells.  It play an vital role in the plant biology.  They help the plant is fighting diseases caused by attack by other organisms.

How is Lignan Beneficial For Us

Lignans are found in many foods which are usually a good source of dietary fiber.  They are very important for our well being.  Since they are integral part of the fiber some people consider them in the list of fiber types. Some of the benefits of Lignan are –

– Act as antioxidants and help in reducing free radicals in the body.  Therefore they help in fighting cancers.  They have been found to lower the risk of breast cancer.

– They can be digested by the bacteria which is present in our guts and it produces another form of lignan.

– They have anti inflammatory properties.

Which Foods Contain Lignan

Many of the seeds are good sources of lignan.  For example flax seeds, sesame seeds are among the highest amount of lignan.  They are also found in good amount in brans of grains such as wheat bran, rye bran etc.  Among the vegetables it is found in brocolli, cabbage, soybeans etc.  It is also found in fruits such as apricots and strawberries.


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